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Hey, and welcome to Modern Money Life – a UK money based blog.

I have been working from home since 2014 after working in various paid roles since I was 15. In that time I have tried many different ways of making money online and from home, as well as being active at saving money where I can.

This has over the years helped me pay off my personal debt as well as buying my own home (most of this achieved in 2016). I started working from home as a way to save money on childcare, it enables me to take my son to school and do all the “expected mummy duties” while still being able to top up the family income.

Modern Money Life

The Beginnings

Modern Money Life started in 2017. I wanted a place I could tell people about all the different ways to make and save money, helping them achieve whatever dreams they wanted but felt that their financial situation was getting in the way.

I’m no expert. I have zero qualifications, experience or expertise within the money sector, I just write what I know. If you’re looking for any sort of expert advice then I’m happy to point you in the right directions but nothing I post on here should be taken as expert advice.

What you will find is information about the difference avenues of working from home. Where to look, what is worth your time and if it is a scam.

The Name

Although the name is “modern” it’s meant to be taken as current money life, not just things that have only recently appeared. Basically, there will be talk of the more traditional ways to earn money from home such as cleaning and babysitting as well as the more recent ways involving apps and websites. There should be a little something for everyone.

Additional Info

I am a member of the UK Money Bloggers who are a group of like-minded bloggers. Each member blogs about money and money-related content; everything from money saving to debt.

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