Becoming The Blogger Of The Future

The blogging industry has been growing in size and diversity since the first blogs started to gather the public’s attention in the 1990s. Nowadays, blogging can be a profitable career, assuming you’ve got what it takes to make it work. However, as society is evolving, the expectations that readers have of bloggers is also dramatically changing.

If you’re considering starting a blog, you need to out a little more efforts in it than you might think. While today’s bloggers can turn any topic into a success providing the right picture, lighting and emotional content, tomorrow’s bloggers will need to provide purposeful information and creative, multi-channel content.

One thing that you need to know before taking on the challenge: It will not be straightforward; you need to put work in it to create the blog of the future. Future bloggers are expected to display the following qualities.

You work for yourself: Be responsible

Most bloggers are independent unless you’re blogging on behalf of a company. It’s likely that in the next few years, bloggers will maintain their independence, meaning that you, indeed, need to get that home office setting going. When you work from home, you need to be able to manage your workload, not only effectively but also responsibly.

You can expect that, as a blogger, if you want to compete with the crowded online market tomorrow, you will need to keep track of your projects, and to keep adding skills to your résumé, so that you can remain relevant to future contractors and partners.

There will be less and less excuse for bloggers who don’t post regularly, blaming the delay on busy schedules. Time management is key to go through your daily priorities, and that includes blogging as well as learning!

In 2018, people want thoughtful content

If you haven’t heard about smart blogging, it’s probably because, in the words of Jon Morrow, you’re doing dumb blogging. Morrow describes dumb blogging as bloggers who are interested in developing their knowledge.

Smart bloggers, he argues, are captivating to talk to, not because they are more articulate than others, but because they know everything about their niche topic. And if they don’t, they know where to find out more about it. They don’t write about a specific topic; they study it. Thoroughly. Deeply. Passionately.

So you might want to write about your family, but unless you’re bringing something new to the debate, let’s be honest, nobody except for a few friends will truly care about your blog. It’s the sense of expertise that enables these bloggers to develop effective partnerships, attract large volumes of readers, and ultimately make money out of their blog, using affiliate programs such as WOW Trk or selling their services.

Morrow is a firm advocate of hard work, and ultimately, becoming the blogger of tomorrow means working hard to survive in this competitive sphere.

The Truth About Scaling Up A Blog

Your blog is a business: Know its purpose

Every successful blogger will tell you: Treat your blog like a business. But they might not sit down to explain it clearly to you. Treating your blog as a business means that you need to define a clear strategy for your blog. What can you do to achieve your goal? But before your strategy, you need to spend some time defining the purpose of your blog.

While a lot of people start a blog in the hope of growing extra income, it doesn’t define the actual mission of the blog. The mission is what you want your blog to achieve for the readers. 5 Your mission statement needs to answer essential questions about how you want to reach your audience, who your audience is, and what value you expect to deliver.

Give me original content

CoSchedule can list over 100 different types of content. In short, if you still think of blogging as a platform to share a written article online, it’s time to up your game. Articles are one type of content; you can also create audio content for podcasts, case studies, e-books, and even infographics. In other words, the blogger of the future may not even be a writer.

Be innovative with your storytelling

When was the last time you stick to a single channel to complete a task? A lot of people switch from desktop to apps or even audio files throughout the day. So why should the blog of the future remain mono-media when you can embrace the possibilities of multimedia storytelling?

Twine, for instance, is a helpful platform to build a non-linear story that has a video game feeling to it, forcing the reader to make decisions that could ultimately transform the story.

There’s only one question left for you to answer: Are you ready to become the blogger of the future?

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