What’s The Point In A Blog Without Readers?

Ask anyone that has had their toe dipped in the blogging pool for more than five minutes and they will admit they underestimated just how much time and effort it takes to manage a blog. It is the planning, the coming up with ideas, the researching, the writing, the checking, the linking, the branding, the imagery and the uploading.

Now, we’re not at all suggesting this is a waste of time – as these 13 kickass facts about blogging will attest – but it can start to feel that way if it’s only your mom, your sister and mom’s boyfriend that are reading it. That’s when frustrations can kick in and you consider giving up on it all.

But don’t. Please don’t.

There is a solution; it is just about learning how to open up the highways and boost the traffic, and we have pulled together a list of strategies to help you achieve this.

Write, Always Write

If there is one thing Google loves it is a regularly updated website. Google just can’t get enough of this, and that’s because one of its major algorithms places a huge amount of priority on fresh content. As such, the more you write, and the more you update your blog’s content, the more traffic you will receive. Once a week is good, but twice a week is a total win.

Be More Sociable

We don’t mean start talking to strangers in your grocery store and those next to you on the subway (unless you want to), but rather start sharing your content across your different social media platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, everything. Do this right and social media can become your top source of traffic.

Go All Old School

Who says the only way to boost traffic to your blog is via the medium of the Internet? Who said you can’t go all old school and point people there through tangible methods? We’re talking about guerilla marketing (sort of!) with things like a cool folding business card that makes people’s eyes widen and throwing leaflets down the stairwell at you local mega-mart and getting your little Fiat 500 sign written and having t-shirts made. This reservoir is so untapped you’ll stand out without question.

Judge A Book By Its Cover

This phrase may have held some weight way back when books were all leatherbound and looked the same, but not anymore, and the same goes for your blog. In fact, we’re going to be bold enough to say that the title of your blog is more important than the content itself. Mmm hmmm. The title holds the key to your success and that’s because the title is what entices a reader to click the ‘read more’ button. It’s the same with magazine covers.

You see a pretty face in the middle, but around it are all these clickbaity headlines that make you want to open the pages up. Your job is to mimic this, entice people in and then wow them with the longer content you have taken an age to form.

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