How To Improve The User Experience On Your Blog

If you want to grow and retain an audience, you need to offer an excellent user experience. Without one, people might visit your blog and never return. In truth, some people may click on one of your posts but find your blog so hard to use that they don’t bother reading it. You’ll usually know if your user experience is poor as you have decent traffic stats but terrible bounce rates.

What can you do to improve the user experience on your blog? Are there any secrets or tips you should know about? Well, yes, there are! It’s not as difficult as you think, begin with these suggestions:

Responsive blog design

To begin, you need a responsive design. This means your blog runs well on mobile devices, as well as desktop. Loads of people will read your blog on their smartphone or tablet, so it has to look good and load up easily. Thankfully, this is very easy to do in modern times – most web-builders or blog hosts give you the option for responsive design when you set your site up.

Make it easy for people to find content

The worst blogs are ones with no categories and no way of searching for content. Some people might want to find a specific topic, so you have to section off your posts into separate categories. Look at this blog as a prime example – you’re reading a piece that’s in the ‘blogging’ category. But, what if you wanted advice on how to save money? All you have to do is click the right category and find all of those posts. It’s much easier than if no categories existed – you’d have to sift through all the posts until you found the ones relevant to you. People hate doing this, so give them categories to find what they want.

Oh, and while you’re at it, add an internal search engine to your blog. This lets people input keywords to find all the blog posts relating to a certain thing. Again, it makes their experience much more enjoyable.

Incorporate a live chat function

Typically, live chat is associated with customer service on business websites. However, you can still use it on a blog. Indeed, there are WordPress live chat plugins for bloggers to use, but how does it improve the user experience? It gives users a chance to interact with you and ask any questions. This can be extremely useful if they want to know more about a certain topic, or even if they’re keen to learn more about you. Or, if you sell merchandise on your blog, it will provide customer service as well. All of this improves the user experience by answering questions and helping people find what they want.

Start with these three things if you want to improve the UX on your blog. From here, you’ll see an increase in visitors staying on your site. This leads to more views on each post and can help you make more money.

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