Up Your Instagram Game This Year

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in the world. It is a place where celebrities, models and everyday folk share photographs and communicate through visuals. If you are looking to make some money from your blog and grow a following on Instagram, then you are going to need to work hard and up your game when it comes to your photography and layout.

Choose A Theme

If you take a look at some of the Instagram profiles which are popular and that you love, you will notice that they always have some sort of theme. It could be that all of the photos are of fashion, fitness, they are landscapes and nature, or maybe they are black and white. By choosing a theme and sticking to it, anyone who follows you will know exactly what they are to expect from your content and will be more likely to stay.

Pick ONE Filter

This rule applies in a way to the rule above, however, you do not have to be totally strict on this one if a certain image calls for a different touch. There are tonnes of filters you can use for your photographs on Instagram, and these photos will often set the theme and vibe of your photographs. Because of this you are better off sticking to the same filter throughout your profile for consistency. However, if you would rather edit the images elsewhere, you can take Courses in Photography and learn the best ways to get the most out of each image you take.

Space Out Your Images

If you are someone who posts about a few different things : for example hair, fashion and makeup, you will want to spread each type of photo evenly through your feed. Think of the grid layout of Instagram, there are 3 blocks per row so you can post one of each type of photo per row. By sticking to this format your feed stays clean and it will look much more professional.

Color Coordinate

Many bloggers and Instagrammers will pick one or two colours and use them as the basis for their content. By choosing a particular colour theme for every image, your photos stay consistent to your theme and your feed looks much more pleasing to the eye. You can even pick one colour each month to focus on if that makes things easier for you.

Utilise Natural Light

Natural light is the best photography tool in the world. You can have as many backlights and ring lights as you like, but they will never compare to the light of the sun shining on your subject matter. Always take advantage of standing to face a window if you are taking a selfie for better lighting, and the same when you are taking photos of products and flat lays. By doing things close to the window it will stop you having to edit so much and the photo will look much better and sharper, resulting in a much higher quality feed.

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