9 Types of Training That Can Transform Your Business

Without suitable training provisions, your business will not be able to survive, let alone succeed. The good news is many types of training can help improve the way your business operates. Read on to find out what they are.

Training for onboarding new starters

Onboarding is a type of training that can make a huge difference to the success of your business. This is because it’s designed for new starters specifically and provides them with all the information and support they require to perform effectively in their new position.

Not all companies provide onboarding training. However, those that do benefit from better retention rates in new starters, as well as higher productivity sooner when someone starts a new job.

Skills training

Skills training is all about making sure that employees have the skills they need to use the equipment and software that is necessary to do their job efficiently. Skills training can be helpful for several types of employees including new starters. Additionally, skills training may be required when your business moves from using a particular system or item of equipment to a new one.

Cybersecurity awareness training

One of the most important types of training for new and established employees alike is cybersecurity. Indeed, cybersecurity training can help mitigate a great many problems that most businesses face, such as hacking, ransom wear, phishing, and the like. Any of which can cause significant issues from a delay in productivity to a massive PR scandal.

Experts even suggest that along with other robust security measures such as firewalls, regularly updating software and hardware, and encrypting sensitive information, employee training is one of the most effective ways to protect against cybersecurity threats.

Outsourced training

Not a type of training, but a method of outsourcing has several benefits that businesses need to consider. First of all the level of specialism provided by a trainer will be more extensive than anything that can be offered in-house. Secondly, by outsourcing you can benefit from faster timescales choosing to have everyone trained at the same time, or by opting for online versions that can be worked around your employee’s other responsibilities.

Internal training

The opposite to outsourced training, internal training is when you take on the duties of educating your workforce within the business. The benefit of training people internally is that they can make use of many methods including shadowing and apprenticing. Both of which can be great for businesses looking to make sure an employee does something in a specific way. Additionally, international training tends to be less costly than outsourced training. Although, there may be a cost involved in terms of productivity loss as the new person perfects their skills.

Product training

Another important type of training that can have a positive effect on your business is product training. Product training is all about educating your employees on your products, how they are made and the benefits they offer for the customer.

Unfortunately, too many companies assume that their employees automatically have this knowledge and so avoid running formal training in this area. Something that can lead to missed opportunities when serving customers, missed sales, and even missed possibilities for improving the product itself.

Training for those in management positions

Management training is one of the most vital types because people often become managers because they are good at their jobs, and they have shown loyalty to their employer over the years. However, just because someone is good at their job and they have been there a long time doesn’t mean that they have all the skills needed to effectively manage people.

The skills required to be an effective manager are very specific and even those that have a natural inclination can benefit from some formal training in the area. In particular, you will want to make sure that anyone you have in a managerial position receives training on communication, and how to motivate people most effectively. Indeed, by making sure that those in positions of power have such skills, you can help your business thrive and cut down the impact of high employee turnover which can save you vast amounts of money in the long run.

Team building

Finally, while not strictly a type of training, team building is a skill that you will want to encourage in your business. This is because when your teams can work together effectively, you will experience better productivity, fewer conflicts and offer an improved overall experience to your customers.

Team building can often take the form of a training day in-house, or in another location. It can also be done on a smaller scale as part of other training sessions or meetings.

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