Dead-End Role? Here’s How To Be On TOP

There’s nothing worse for an ambitious professional to realize that the path you’ve chosen isn’t going to take you anywhere. You know the feeling, being stuck in the same role for too long and wondering if you’re wasting your skills or if you’ll be able to move towards a more exciting career.

The problem with dead-end roles is that there don’t leave any room for improvement or promotion. More importantly, you might find that getting stuck in one of those for too long might have caused you to de-skill, without mentioning a serious loss of confidence. More importantly, roles that don’t offer any progress are a financial risk, as there’s no way for you to increase your income.

With the cost of living constantly rising and the additional financial responsibilities that fall upon you when you decide to start a family, it’s fair to say that you need out of your dead-end role. You need to move your career forward. In other words, you need to be on TOP.

T is for Training: Get the training you need

There’s no way you can land an exciting role after a dead-end position. You need to research the best option for you to improve your skills and knowledge by acquiring competencies that are much in-demand. A good place to start is by boosting your commercial and negotiating skills with sales training, as if you’re looking for a client-facing role, this is likely to become very handy. Because it can also give you some useful tips to shine and convince at the interview stage, as you’ll know how to handle the chat.

What are the essential skills you need in your career? Analysis can be useful for marketing and strategic roles, for instance. Soft communication skills are a game-changer for people who need to share information across and outside of the company.

O is for Open: Be open to new things

When you’re trying to leave your dead-end position behind, you need to be open to a new possibility. It’s fair to say that moving out of a static role demands a lot of initiative and open-mindedness. Not only do you need to show your future employer that you’re resourceful – especially as many fear long-term static roles put your skills at risk – and happy to try something new, but you also need to welcome opportunities that are different from what you’re used to. It’s a difficult balancing exercise!

P is for Presence: Get visible

How do you get yourself noticed after you’ve spent the last months or years sitting in an office with barely anything happening? The answer is simple. You go online and start promoting your experience and skills through a blog or an online portfolio. Don’t despair if your website fails to attract a large volume of readers at first. Be persistent and share it on business platforms such as LinkedIn or even Twitter.

Additionally, do make sure that you don’t write anything negative about your current employer as this could make your next career move a little tricky!

In conclusion, you need to be on TOP to extract yourself successfully from your dead-end career. Training, Openness and Presence are the three things that can get you a brand new and exciting career!

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