Do You Need A YouTube Channel?

When it comes to social media and marketing, there is one channel in particular which has been dominating the scene for quite some time now: YouTube. It is the biggest video sharing platform in the world and it has created some amazing influencers over the years. But do you need one for your business?

The answer is yes, and here’s why…

Grab Attention

The aim of any good marketing strategy is to grab the audience’s attention and to make sure that they see and engage with your content and with your brand in general. Think about how many times you have been scrolling through Facebook and you have stopped because you saw a video. This is what you are aiming for and YouTube allows this to happen by sharing your content and giving you exposure to millions of people all over the world.

High Traffic

If you are able to use a corporate video production company to help you create great video content, you will, in turn, increase the traffic you see on your website.  YouTube videos have a description for a reason, and this is because you can add your website and social media links. When your video is viewed and someone really likes it, they might look to your description in order to find more from you.


Video is the easiest type of media to go viral because everyone loves to watch a good video when they are bored and want something to do. Think about the fact that people enjoy videos, and that if you share content on YouTube you could be viewed by people all over the world. If your video is popular it will appear on people’s recommended screens and this could lead to your video going viral. Can you get that from an image?


YouTube isn’t the only way to share a video with your audience, but it is the biggest in the world. You can share videos on every platform if you want to and this can allow you to really dominate the online world. Your channel can be a wonderful window into your brand and people will judge you based on the content you share and how your page looks. Make sure you take advantage and make this look great to encourage people.

Search Engine Ranking

We’ve all heard of SEO and how it can help us to appear on the screens of more and more people when they search the relevant words. And we also know that Google has a few rules it follows to rank websites and deem them good enough for that first-page result. Video can be a great way to bump up your ranking on the search engine because Google recognises it and will make changes to your rank accordingly.

So in order to make sure that to can effectively stay in the top rankings, you should definitely look to open up a YouTube channel this year for your business.

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