Making Money From Doing What You Love

We’re all in this world to make a bit of money, and boy are there some careers out there who will let you do just that. But, do you think that the majority of these careers are going to be doing something that you love?

Probably not! We’re always so focused on the money side of things, rather than being focused on what we actually want from life. If you’re going to earn your money, you need to make it whilst doing something that you love. Life is too short to be doing something just for the money. You have to want to jump out of bed every morning, and actually get into work to start the day. We know that most of you will admit you definitely can’t do that at the minute, so have a look at these careers, and see if any of them are something you would love doing!

A Job In Education

Think of a job in education like marmite, you’re either going to love it, or you’re going to hate it. But, by education, we don’t just mean secondary education. There are so many different routes you could go down to be an educator. It could be at university level, primary school, college, or even training schemes. The list could go on! But, the most common role to have in education is secondary education, and it can be one of the most rewarding.

Teacher jobs in secondary education are renowned for being super tough, and we know that a lot of you would dread walking into a class full of teenagers on a Monday morning. But, if you connect with them on their level, rather than talking down to them like a lot of teachers do, you shouldn’t have many problems. It’s all about forming a bond with them, and helping them with subjects that they might struggle with!

A Job In Sports

A job in sports is obviously great for those of you who… like sports of course! If you were the one who was always involved in sports when you were younger, see if that passion still exists now. You could easily become a personal trainer, all you would have to do is take a little course, and do a lot of training! It’s a great way for you to keep fit, and for you to help others reach their goals. As a personal trainer, you’ll most likely be part of a gym that will pay you your salary, and then you’ll make commision off people that come and train with you!

A Job Working For Yourself

This is the final one that we want to talk about, because we feel it’s one of the best ones that you could go for. If you have a real talent for something, be it marketing, photography, or even just a good business idea, then why not go for it yourself. Being your own boss is total freedom, but it’s also a risk that you have to take. You’re not always guaranteed money, and sometimes the road can get rather rocky.

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