Growing Your Small Business

Starting your new business and getting it off the ground can take a lot of time, a lot of effort and sometimes a fair amount of capital before you start to see results. The key is to invest your time and money wisely so here are a few ideas about growing your small business.

Invest Cash Wisely

A lot of businesses will require cash upfront to get started; whether it’s for tools, advertising or premises to run it from. If you need a cash injection to get started then you could look at a Merchant Cash Advance, which allows you to repay at the pace your business grows.

Don’t throw your cash at things that aren’t going to bring you the business. Look at ever-green advertising such as using bloggers/websites rather than newspaper adverts or flyers. Internet content lasts years whereas traditional paper methods are binned at the end of the day. Invest in quality tools of the trade to prevent you from having to re-purchase them sooner than you wanted.

Get To Know Your Customers

At the end of the day, your customers know themselves best – so, get to know them. Getting to know their habits, their preferences and what they look for from your business will help tailor your services to their needs.

Ask them questions, get their feedback and talk to them.

Refine Your Customer Service

Bad customer service can break a business but good service can help give the growth a serious boost. No matter what, treat customers with respect and politeness…even if they’re being less than civil.

Use Social Media

It’s free, accessible and easy to use so if you’re not already using at least Facebook for your business then you should start now. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to reach more customers and show them your services. As social media is global it also means you can reach potential customers on the other side of the world at the same time you are reaching your local customers.

You can also pay for social media adverts but the success of using this method is very dependant on what kind of business you run. A lot of trial and error is needed should you go down this route.

Build Your Brand & Look After It

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accountant, a blogger or a baker. You are your brand so ensuring that you maintain that image throughout your daily life is essential.

Take those extra steps to get yourself out there. Always have business cards to hand, drop your line of work into conversations (when appropriate), use your work email and ask friends/family to help you get your name out there.

But make sure you look after your brand. As mentioned, YOU are your brand so the wrong Facebook status update or Tweet can have a seriously negative impact on your business. If you have a personal Facebook page then either keep it tightly locked down or just refrain from talking about the topics that might cause your brand upset.

Growing a business isn’t instant but taking your time, making smart choices and investing wisely will soon see the hard work pay off.

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