Can Hiring Friends as Employees Be a Really Bad Idea?

People have played with the idea before, but hiring your friends as employees for your startup can be one of the worst ideas you’ll ever have. This isn’t so much because your friends aren’t qualified or because they’re unable to work in the industry or environment you’ve chosen, but more because your personal relationships can get in the way.

Why Friends Make Bad Employees

Firstly, there are personal connections between you and your friends. This means that when criticizing a member of staff or trying to deal with a serious issue, you might be conflicted.

Secondly, you have a relationship with your friends outside of the workplace and unless you’re able to separate them both in a professional manner (this is harder than it sounds) you’re going to end up blurring the lines and as a result, your friendship will suffer.

Thirdly, your friends likely have other commitments and unless it’s something that you’ve both been planning to do for many years, they likely have another career path they want to walk.

All in all, hiring your friends as an employee can be difficult and there are many hurdles and challenges to overcome. If you’re adamant about hiring a friend as an employee, then refer to the infographic below to learn how to keep them motivated at work.

Infographic: Infographic by:

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