Five Ways to Really Impress Employers

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of work, hoping to move up in your job or are thinking of changing careers completely- securing yourself a job is never easy. The job market is fierce and for every vacancy, there can be hundreds of candidates applying.

From an employers point of view, this can be incredibly tedious sifting through samey and very average applications. To grab their attention and stand out, here are five things to try.

Improve Your Education

While it’s possible to be ‘too qualified’ for many positions, if you’re aiming high and really want to fulfil your best potential then this will never be an issue. One of the best ways to open yourself up to the jobs you want, impress employers and give yourself an advantage in the workplace is to improve your education. Go back to college or university and study in a subject that relates to the career that you want.

Alternatively, you could do an online college or university course from home around your current job. This is useful if you can’t afford to take time out to go back and study full time.


Along with education, one of the things employers will be most interested in is your experience. If you’re just starting out or are making a career change then this, of course, can be problematic, as you won’t have any experience to speak of. It can be a vicious cycle as you can’t gain experience without getting hired, but you can’t usually get hired without experience. One way around this would be to do some voluntary work in the area you plan on working in. Even an hour a week will give you skills and experience and look good on your CV.

Undertake Some Training

Another way to gain experience and develop the skills you need to advance your career is to undertake some training. It could be something like Wise Owl Training to learn Microsoft, a skill that will come in useful in lots of working environments. Health and safety training is another example.

Alternatively, it could be something more specific that’s needed or valued in the industry you want to work in. Going out of your way to get training shows employers you’re proactive and serious about your career. It can also give you skills you need to thrive in the role you want.

Get an Interesting Hobby

Putting your hobbies on your work resume might seem a bit strange, after all, employers only need to know what you’re like in the workplace- right? Actually, hobbies are a great way for employers to see what you’re like overall, so whether you’re likely to fit into their team and also what skills you have that could be transferable. Team sports, for example, suggest you’re a team player, chess and puzzles suggest you’re smart and a logical thinker.

However, instead of putting the same old hobbies down as everyone else, find something different to help you stand out. Think about what this hobby will say about you and the way you are in the workplace.

Fine Tune Your CV

Finally, regardless of how right you are for the role, employers could easily choose to reject your CV if they spot silly mistakes. You need to have it proofread carefully, a sloppy resume suggests you might be sloppy in your everyday work. A simple error could mean you being disregarded completely.

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