Simple Ways That Writing Can Improve Your Coaching Business

Do you have a passion for writing? If so, did you realise that there are lots of ways you can use your skills to improve and promote your coaching business? Lots of these methods will not only increase your chances of securing clients and therefore making more money, but they’re a way to make money within themselves. As an up and coming coach starting a bootstrapped business, this can be really useful. If you’re a keen writer, here are just a few of the ways you can improve your coaching business.


It takes time to become established as a blogger, which is why many people start out with writing a blog as a hobby. Howeve, if you stick with it and consistently produce good content, you will reach a stage where companies will offer you paid work. Blogging is a great business within itself, it’s something you could do around other writing work in the early days until you reach a stage where you’re working full time with it.

It can be very lucrative, and so your hard work can definitely pay off here. It’s well worth investing in a decent blog template, as sponsors will be searching for professional looking and well presented blogs. So don’t put them off at the first hurdle if yours looks amateur. Blogging can hugely benefit your coaching business, as it shows potential clients that you really know your stuff. So as well as helping you secure new clients, you can also make money from your blog itself.

WordPress blogs especially easily integrate with websites, and in turn producing regular content will drive more traffic to your main site. It’s a free way to boost your page rank in search engines, and because blog posts are very share-friendly you might be shared across social media too. A fantastic way to increase your followers and get your name out there.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing might not seem especially connected to coaching, however as an aspiring coach you will have plenty of knowledge and advice that you can utilise to make money. It’s a good way to earn some extra cash while you’re getting yourself off the ground. As a freelance writer you will be self employed as a sole trader, meaning you work for yourself and so it’s flexible and keeps you in control.

Freelance writing is great as there’s almost always work available, and as you’re not contracted to any set hours. While each piece will have its own deadline, you can decide what kind of articles you do and how many. If you’re having a slow week with your new coaching business, you know you’re able to login to your freelancing account and pick up some extra work to boost your income. Since you will have a lot of knowledge in your area of work, search for clients who are looking for pieces you’re knowledgeable about.

It’s a way to earn money, spread your knowledge and due to researching pieces you will probably learn more too. If you don’t want to use a set freelancing site, you could use a platform by Miva Ecommerce to sell your articles. Ecommerce is often associated with selling physical items but works just as well for digital items and services.

Become a Published Author

Perhaps you’ve been working on a non fiction piece about coaching for a while. This could be a self help book, or an instructional guide that could be published as an ebook. Sites like Amazon make this very easy to do yourself, and being published with your work available to purchase and read by the public is the dream of many writers.

Even if you only earn a small amount of royalties from this each month, it’s a way to boost your overall income. And as you add more published work to your repertoire, you could increase the amount you earn from sales. Who knows, you might do extremely well and become well known! Having your name out there as a successful published author could do wonders for your coaching business.

These are all things that can help to improve and promote your coaching business, and best of all they don’t require a lot of money upfront to get started. In fact, in most cases all you will need is a computer and an internet connection- chances are you already have these things!

Had you considered ways that writing could help to boost your coaching business?

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