Keeping Employees Happy and Productive

It is an established fact that employees who are happy in their job are more productive. Some bosses think that strong-arm tactics are the way to go but all that does is to alienate them and decrease production levels. Ensuring your staff are well-taken care off will reward you with a better level and quality of work which in turn will relate to making your business more profitable.

Show Them Their Value

It is always good to let the employees know that you have noticed the progress they have made, and to thank them costs you nothing but will help to show that you value their contribution.  It is not a bad idea to give them some perks occasionally, such as a buying lunch for everyone or treating them to an evening out. It does not have to be something that will break the bank, but a show of appreciation is always welcomed.

Encourage Working As A Team

You should always encourage teamwork, as this is the best way to increase your production levels. People will do more work when they are undertaking a task with others. This is so vitally important that many employers organise team-building events to show them how as a team they will work better.

This can range from a few games in the workplace to a full-blown weekend away. It really is a matter of choice, and of the cost involved as well.

Teamwork helps with their mental well being too, and if it is a physical exercise you put in place, such as free tickets for a session at the local gym, that is even better. You can get some ideas of the sorts of things that are suitable from OriGym’s guide to getting fit at work. Basically, anything you can do to bond your team and get them moving will help.

Have Good Communications

You should have good lines of communication with your employees. Let them know that you are prepared to listen to any complaints or ideas they might have and by the same token that you want them to listen to you. Keeping them informed about the business will help to build trust, and if they know there is likely to be a problem with a project, for instance, you will find they will work harder to try and prevent that happening.

Encourage Their Break Times

Regardless of how busy you are you should try to ensure that they take a break away from their workstation. Just a few minutes, a drink and chat can make an amazing difference to their concentration and they will return from a break more alerts than before.

Be Consistent But Flexible

You need to be consistent in your attitudes towards work and your employees, but you also need to be flexible just in case something unexpected happens. If you get a large job that needs finishing in a few days, you may have to change all the working practices to achieve it. You have to remember that staff follow by example, and the more consistent and flexible you are, the more they will make an effort too.

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