When Your New Job Doesn’t Go To Plan…

Receiving a job offer can be a huge weight off your shoulders. It might have taken a few months and hundreds of applications to get to this point, but you’ve finally done it – you’ve finally bagged your dream job!

It should be plain sailing from here on in, right? You can now enjoy the work that you have always wanted to do, and you can take advantage of a salary to match. But what if that isn’t exactly how things pan out in your new job? In fact, there are lots of people who thought they were starting their perfect job, but once they got sat down at their new desk, slowly realized that it was anything but. Their fantastic new job quickly turned into a working nightmare!

So, what if this happens to you in your new role? There are plenty of ways you can try and resolve some things. Here’s a quick guide to help you.

Give It Time

Speak To Your Manager

Have you given it time but things don’t seem to be any better? It’s now important that you have a quiet word with your manager or supervisor. They might have the power to make some changes so that you can settle into your new position better. When you do speak to your boss, it’s a good idea to have the job advert that you initially applied to with you.

You can then point out what it says in the advert, and which parts don’t seem to be reflected in the actual role you are working. Hopefully, your boss will then start to put some big changes in place.

Double Check Your Contract

Lots of people often end up in a bad job as a result of not reading their employment contract thoroughly before they sign it. So, it’s necessary to double check your contract just to make sure you haven’t signed up for something you didn’t mean to. Unfortunately, if that is the case, there will be little chance of you being able to change anything.

If you notice that your employer isn’t following the contract, though, you might want to speak to Braverman Law about your rights. Employers should never breach the contract and, if they do, you could be within your right to take them to court and claim compensation.

Know When To Jump Ship

Sometimes a job doesn’t work out because you just aren’t the right fit for the company and the specific position. This is no one’s fault; it just happens sometimes. If your manager has tried to make changes and improve your working life, and you have given yourself plenty of time to adapt, you might just need to start looking for another position at a new company.

Don’t delay as you will only get more and more fed up the longer you stay in the wrong job.

It can be really annoying when you start a new job and realize that it might not be the one for you. Thankfully, though, there are often plenty of solutions to try and fix the situation!

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