Guarantee A Pay Rise With These Phenomenal Tactics

You work hard, and you expect to be paid a fair amount for your troubles, but I’m sure little more in the form of a pay rise wouldn’t go amiss. Of course, getting that pay rise can be a tricky task, especially if you find it tough to talk about money with your supervisor, or ask for what you are truly worth.

Luckily, there are some tactics that will all but guarantee you an increase in salary if you execute them properly. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Keep A Success Record

It’s funny, but we don’t often write down all the things that we do well at work. However, it is precisely this that can help us get that pay rise we so desperately want.

It’s all about recording when you have done something well, whether you received praise for it or not. In particular, focus on things that have positive outcomes for the company you’re working for. Things such as when you found another supplier that costs less, you made a process quicker, or dealt with a particularly difficult client and got a pleasing resolution.

Keeping a success log can be hugely helpful in securing a raise.

After all, the idea of this success record isn’t just to boost your ego, in fact, it’s so you have a bank of evidence to backup your request for a pay rise and promotion. Remember it’s much harder for them to say no if you can quickly provide evidence in your favour.

Get Trained Up

Another way that you can pretty much guarantee a pay rise is to get as trained up as possible in your field. It is a fact that those holding professional qualifications such as a completed engineering apprenticeship, a PGCE, or Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching qualification will be able to command a higher wage as they start out in their field, as well as during their progress through the ranks. Something that makes training an essential part of maximising your salary potential through your career.

Be Indispensable

Next, pay rises are much more likely to go to an employee that is seen an indispensable. That means you want your employer to feel like if you left the company, they would struggle to replace you. Team this with the fact that it can cost an employer up to a year’s wages to train and find someone new as well, and it’s nearly always in their interest to increase your wage as a first resort.

To ensure you are indispensable in the role you may need to volunteer for extra work. Often the tasks that no one else wants to do. It’s also vital that you are reliable, consistent, and have an excellent attendance record to shine in this area.

Ask Reasonably

Last of all, remember that you always catch more flies with honey than vinegar, or to put it another way try to ask for a pay rise in a pleasant way.

Get some advice on how to make your raise request.

Yes, if you are denied on the first request you may feel like telling your employer to stuff it, and walking off in a huff, but what will that get you? Nothing apart from a looking pretty daft and making your employer see that perhaps not as mature as they thought in the first place. With that in mind to guarantee a pay rise, be sure to make your request professionally and through the right channels.

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