Sure Signs You Should Work In Marketing

Marketing is an industry which is growing and growing as we go year after year, and it is a job role which is a lot more than making flyers and sending the odd email to subscribers. Marketing can involve anything from reaching out to influencers, creating and managing social media accounts and attending trade shows for the company you work for. The role of a marketer is creative and varied and here are some of the signs that you should choose marketing as a career this year.

You are creative

The main thing you need to be if you want to work in marketing is creative. It is super important for you to be creative if you want to get lots of met marketing jobs during your life and this is because it is all about being unique and coming up with a brand which people will notice. Look at Apple for example, the word itself now makes us think of the company rather than the fruit, and their branding is a success which all of us can try to follow. If you are a creative person you could be responsible for making a simple brand which everyone remembers.

You love to write

Writing is a big part of marketing whether it be writing articles for a website, writing copy for a newsletter or writing social media posts. If you want to think about writing for a living and making a good wage from it you should certainly consider copywriting or marketing for your career. It is a great role which will allow you to be creative and express your emotions on the page for a multitude of different topics. Every day will be different in terms of the content you write which can be a great thing for you.

You have good people skills

People skills are pretty essential for marketing whether you are talking to them in person or through email and social media. If you know that you can make people like you and you are a friendly person this can go a long way to helping you solidify your brand as something amazing. Being able to make an impression with people is how you will get noticed as a brand and this will allow you to find success.

You don’t mind numbers

Numbers are unfortunately something you can’t avoid i marketing and this is something which can trip you up if you are unable to perform maths in the right way. Marketing involves a lot of analysis and thinking about things in a clever way, and it will involve making a lot of reports and graphs to use to improve your strategy. If you like working with numbers and excel is something you are great at, then this won’t be an issue and you can find yourself quite at home working in marketing.

You have an eye for art

Logo design, colour schemes, fonts… all of these things are essential for marketing and if you have an eye for the colourful things in life then you will be right at home as a graphic designer.

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