The Finances And Feasibility Taking A Break From Your Business

Remember when you could take a day off work? What Halcyon days they were. Salaried workers are rarely cognizant of how lucky they are to be able to take time off work when sick, when a family emergency comes up or when the prospect of getting out of bed in the morning just seems a little too much.

Such a luxury is not feasible for the busy entrepreneur. Whether they’re sick, recently bereaved, exhausted, depressed, tired or stressed, they need to be on site and giving their business their full attention. If they lose their momentum, even for a moment, the whole enterprise will come tumbling down like a house of cards…Right?

Well, no!

Despite the slew of arguments that entrepreneurs may offer in protest of this, taking time off work is not only financially viable, it’s actually beneficial to the business. Though they can expect to work a little harder than their employees and invest a little more of their effort and emotion into their businesses, entrepreneurs can and should have a reasonable work/life balance and that includes taking some time away every now and then. Here’s why…

You’re Only Human

Though you may feel like one at times, you are not a robot! Entrepreneurs are human beings and as such have the inherent limitations of the human physiology. You get tired and you get stressed and when those things happen they can compromise your problem solving and decision-making skills.

Fatigue will inevitably lead to burnout which will cause you to behave uncharacteristically. You may make poor decisions, struggle to retain important information or (worse still) become grumpy and agitated towards your employees. You owe it to your business and all who work for it to be at your best and this is not physically possible when you push yourself past the brink of exhaustion on a daily basis.

You Have A Life Beyond Your Business

Your business is more to you than a project or even a livelihood. It’s a means for you to provide for your family. However, as much as it may be your responsibility to provide for them, it’s also your responsibility to be a present, loving and happy parent, not a tired and stressed ogre who is always tired, stressed and unpleasant to be around.

Your Employees Need A Chance To Shine

Unpalatable a truth as it may be, your employees need an opportunity to show you what they can do in your absence. They should be allowed to demonstrate their abilities without you hovering over them even if it feels like taking your hands off the steering wheel while driving at 90mph. Scary as it may be, your team needs to learn to operate without you. Heaven forbid, if tragedy should strike, you’ll need to focus on dealing with local funeral directors and grieving relatives.

You shouldn’t need to keep half a mind on your business.

Sometimes Your Business Needs You Need To Take A Step Back

When you’re up to your elbows in the operations of your business it can be difficult to look at the business from a macro perspective. Sometimes, taking a step back to view your business’ operations with a fresh pair of eyes, enabling you to take back control of your finances and reorient your strategy.

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