The Laws Of Attraction: How Can Attorneys Win More Clients For Their Practice?

As the owner of a law firm, you boast the education and experience needed to represent clients in a way that will get results. Sadly, if you’re anything like most other attorneys, it’s likely that representing yourself is a far more daunting prospect.

Spoiler alert: your knowledge of complex legislation and difficult cases counts for nothing if you don’t win clients. So, how can you get more clients? Here’s all you need to know.

Gain Outside Help

In business, it’s often the case that owners aren’t the best people to see their USPs or features that will resonate with clients. Essentially, they are too closely linked to the organization to think like a prospective client. The best way to overcome this situation is to seek support from a firm that can.

Marketing, PR, and advertising require a lot of specialized skills and endeavours. Experts at Elite Lawyer Management identify opportunities and build strategies to reach the right people and gain hot leads. Aside from the direct benefits gained from outsourcing to a dedicated team, it also allows you to focus on delivering results.

It may be necessary to rebrand the entire firm. In most cases, though, simply tweaking the strategy with campaigns that hit the target helps overcome the past problems is enough. Geographical, demographical, and timing issues are just some of the common causes. Now is the time to regain control.

Use Existing Clients

A great brand image provides a foundation for success. However, you also need to show prospective clients that you are the best firm to represent their case. Whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, the law firm’s track record is one of the first things that people will check. Past clients are your ticket to better results.

The use of testimonials can work wonders for your reputation. Trustpilot is an ideal platform to secure verified reviews from past and existing clients. Meanwhile, boosting your Google My Business page in this way can have a telling influence on the long-term performance. Chasing reviews is fairly easy. Incentivizing them with the chance to win something should lead to lots of reviews.

To create a truly powerful punch, aim for at least 50 reviews across a range of case types. While the attorney arena isn’t one that’s hugely open to affiliate opportunities, asking people to spread the word is never a bad idea. Even if it gains five new clients per year, it’s worthwhile.

Invest In Your Staff

Most firms include a small number of attorneys, who may specialize in slightly different fields. This allows the organization to support more people in more cases. However, it won’t generate the success you crave if the other people in your company do not represent the brand in a positive way. Your relationship with clients isn’t the only key bond.

The initial interactions held with clients are crucial, which is why motivation and morale must be high. Meanwhile, you must ensure that all attorneys use social media in a responsible manner. Any other employees, such as receptionists and PAs should adhere to this idea too. When the team is united and consistent in their professional approach, big results follow.

Other ideas such as operating from a well-designed office in an impressive location can aid the cause too. Ultimately, building winning connections in-person and through ad campaigns are the key features. Remember this at all times, and you won’t go far wrong.

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