The Power Of Words: Crafting The Perfect CV

When it comes to making money, the way that you use words can make all the difference. Just take a look at product descriptions! Just a few right words placed next to a product image on a website can make the difference between an item being placed in a basket or not. So, if you’re starting the new year in search of a new job, why not think of yourself as a product that you intend to sell to a workplace.

Your product description? Well, that’s your CV! Here’s how to craft the perfect resume to ensure that any business owner will want to bag you. Who knows, you could land the position of your dreams in next to no time!

What is a CV?

We throw the term “CV” around so much that we all feel familiar with the concept. But so many people make the mistake of thinking that a CV is simply a list of your educational qualifications, training, and previous experience. Sure, it’s common practice for a CV to contain these details. But to make yours stand out from the crowd, it’s better to expand upon these areas and also offer extra information. But not to worry. We’re here to let you know exactly how to do this.

Professional CV Writing Services

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be unemployed to search for a job. Many people simply want a change of environment or job role. If you fall into this category, it’s often best to maintain your current job until you find something more suitable or desirable. At the same time, if this is your situation, you may not have all too much time free for crafting and updating your CV yourself.

So, if you don’t have much time on your hands or want to be completely certain that your CV is of the highest quality, you can use a professional CV writing service such as Purple CV writing. They will write a unique CV on your behalf, completely tailored to you as an individual.

CV Templates

If you’re looking into creating a CV, you’ve probably come across various CV templates. Now, these can be a good starting block. However, it’s best to leave them like that: a springboard in the right direction. Generally speaking, CV templates are generic and may not suit your personal needs. However, they will encourage you to include the right basic information within the resume itself.


As a decent CV template will suggest, you should split your CV into sections. First: your name, contact email address and contact number. Second: your educational qualifications. Third: your previous work experience. However, we would generally recommend that you fit some sort of brief cover letter in between section one and two.

This gives the reader an immediate idea of what you’re about and where you intend to take your career. It will also mean that they read the rest of your application feeling as if they know you more personally, which is always an advantage.

Don’t expect to complete your CV as soon as you put pen to paper. Even the greatest minds need time to plan, draft, and edit. So put aside sufficient time to make something that you’re really proud of.

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