Utterly Shocking Facts About Happy Employees

Most businesses are content to pay their staff, get them to do the work, and then release them to go home in the evening. However, far fewer companies are actually interested in making their employees happy. After all, why does it matter if workers have joy in their lives?

It turns out that it matters a lot. And the following facts prove it!

Companies With Miserable Employees Underperform The Competition By 20 Percent

You probably know from personal experience that when you are happy in a role, you do a better job. And everyone can tell, including your customers.

Unfortunately, though, the majority of workers aren’t going to work with a spring in their step in the morning. Instead, they’re thinking about all the challenges that the day could bring, including bosses shouting at them.

Data shows that companies with happy employees outperform their rivals by around 20 per cent. That’s like asking everyone in the office to come in and work on a Saturday. It’s a tremendous effect.

Happy Employees Sell 37 Percent More

Customers notice when employees are happy, and it affects their purchasing decisions. If they can see that an employee is pumped about working for your firm, they’ll unconsciously get the impression that it’s a great brand. They won’t be able to help themselves. Handing over cash will be automatic.

Employees Want Job Security More Than Anything Else

The vast majority of people want job security. They want to know that they can keep showing up to work for decades to come and there will always be a pay packet waiting for them at the end of the road. Secondary concerns are employee benefits, organizational performance, and the ability to use their talents.

Happy Companies Saw 14 Percent Yearly Share Price Growth Compared To An Average Of 6 Percent For The Market As A Whole

As you might expect, all those happiness-driven sales make an impact on company share prices. Those with happy employees are more than twice as likely to outperform the market than those without, doubling investors’ money in less than half the time.

More Than A Third Of Employees Would Give Up More Than $5,000 Of Their Income To Be Happier At Work

Making employees happy may even let you get away with paying them less. Workers want to feel like they are part of a loving and compassionate team, even if that means less money in their bank accounts at the end of the month.

To offset this, you might want to increase performance-related pay. This way, self-motivated individuals can still earn at or above the market rate.

Free Food Makes 67 Percent Of Employees Happy At Work

If there’s one thing that will make your employees happier than anything else, it is providing them with free food at work. Data collected by SnackNation found that more than 67 per cent were either very or extremely happy when companies laid out spreads for them. Try it and see how your team morale improves.

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