Why You Should Market Yourself To Companies Overseas

Millennials have the world at their feet when it comes to career choices. You have the ability to work pretty much anywhere in the world. Not only is this potentially a good choice for your career, but good for your finances. For example, if you are from a poorer nation but you have great skills, you can get a job in a richer country by bringing your skills to that nation.

Even if you are from a modern nation with a fully developed economy, working overseas could boost your career. If you have more experience around the world, you’re far more likely to be considered for a leading role in a company if you ever return home.

However, the other benefits are that life is just cheaper. If you’re an accountant, France is a brilliant economy but all the best accounting jobs are in Paris. Paris is expensive to live in and despite making six figures, you may only be left with two-thirds of that before taxes and living expenses are factored in. Singapore is also an amazing place for accountants yet living is not nearly as expensive.

Easier Than You Think

Because of your location, most job websites will be catering to the domestic market. Business will all be vying to get the top talent they can from within the country as a whole. However, you need to look for specialist agencies that are working with overseas companies for the import and export markets. For example, a company like A&S Recruitment works with businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for a specialist role in a particular industry, they will look for the right kind of role in the import and export industry. Maybe you are multilingual and would like to work for a company from Japan, that is exporting goods to America.

You can be their man or woman on the ground and make sure their wishes are properly understood by the importing company. There are hundreds of thousands of companies abroad that work with agencies just like this, so they can fish for talent from prestigious economies around the world all the time. It’s a mutual search that should show you it’s easier than you think to work overseas.

A Higher Salary Potential

For high population developed economies, it’s getting tougher and tougher to find a job you really desire. It can feel like they’re 40 people going for the same job as you are no matter where you apply. Because there is a labour supply that far exceeds the demand, wages are going down and salaries are stagnating. Therefore you might find that it literally pays to market your skills abroad. Companies from developed economies that aren’t heavily populated like New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Portugal and Canada, will pay very well and not only meet salary expectations in nations like the US but exceed them. For example, the average salary in America is $55,000 while the average salary in Singapore is $67,000. Therefore, it’s wise to choose nations where the competition for each job isn’t so high.

More Motivation

A change of scenery, a change of culture and professional working environment can do many great things for your mental health. One of them is the motivation to work hard and succeed. When you’re put into a new and welcoming environment, where your skills are respected by another culture, you are more likely to want to live up to expectations. You also see that this new challenge is worth the late nights and busy days.

You are far more likely to also, want to get ahead and show you’re worthy of promotion. Your work to life balance is also going to be something you will need getting used to. However, the new things you discover every day will keep you occupied and interested in your surroundings. If you revel the challenge of starting a new life and experiencing a brand new culture then working abroad is going to be fun, relentlessly interesting and motivating.

Every young professional should make sure they have a second resume. This resume should be for an abroad job opportunity. Millennials have so many options not just at home but overseas and more should be looking for roles that suit them even though they are in a foreign country. One way you can do this is to look for agencies that are specialists in the import and export industry. Inevitably, there will be a role that fits your experience and skills that a foreign company wants someone like you to fill.

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