Daily Lottery Draws

Daily Lottery draws are free to enter lotteries that have a specific theme around them. This can be anything from your phone number to a random selection of emojis. They are drawn each day at different times and the winnings vary from site to site.

Here is a list of all current daily lottery draws, including their draw times (all GMT) and a blog post I’ve written (if I’ve done one).

Free Postcode Lottery

Draw Times (GMT)

  • Main Draw – 12pm
  • Survey Draw – 12pm
  • Video Draw –  12pm
  • Stackpot Draw – 9am & 9pm
  • Mini Draw – between 6pm and midnight
  • Flash Draw – randomly on any page.


  • Main Draw – starts at £400, rolls over if unclaimed.
  • Survey Draw – starts at £150, rolls over if unclaimed. .
  • Video Draw –  starts at £20, rolls over if unclaimed.
  • Stackpot Draw – £10 for each postcode – only one winner per postcode.
  • Mini Draw – £100
  • Flash Draw – £5

Blog Post – coming soon

Emoji Lottery

Draw Times – 9pm

Jackpots – starts at £5, rolls over if unclaimed.

Blog Post – Win Cash With Smiley Faces: Emoji Lottery

Ashleigh Money Saver

Draw Times – 12pm

Jackpots – £100

Blog Post – Ashleigh Money Saver’s Daily Prize Draw

Date of Birth Lottery

Draw Times – 12pm

Jackpots – £50

Blog Post – Date of Birth Lotto

Number Plate Lotto

Draw Times – 12am

Jackpots – £15

Blog Post – Number Plate Lotto

Lucky Phone

The future of Lucky Phone is uncertain at the moment. They are still running but there are no payouts currently being issued.

Draw Times

  • Lucky Dip/Main Draw/Mega Draw – 12am
  • Quick Fire Bingo – 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm


  • Lucky Dip – up to 80 points
  • Main Draw – up to 80 points
  • Mega Draw – varies from points to one overall cash winner
  • Quick Fire Bingo- 100 points

Blog Post – coming soon, depending on what happens with them

Birthdate Lottery

Draw Times – 11am

Jackpots – £10

Blog Post – coming soon

Win A Dinner

Draw Times – 4pm

Jackpots – minimum £20 per winner, unclaimed winnings are rolled over

Blog Post – coming soon


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