4 Reasons Why Optimising Your Energy Levels May Be the Key to Financial Well-Being

Financial life is pretty pragmatic, solid, and material, right? If you want to improve your financial health, you’ve got to figure out a budget, be more efficient in the workplace (an angle for s promotion) and all the rest.

Probably the last thing that’s on your mind if you’re thinking about ways to develop yourself financially, is optimising your own personal energy levels.

And yet, while guarantor loans can be taken out for the sake of developing your business, and while tools such as YNAB can be used for streamlining your personal budget, little if any of that is likely to play out as you’d like, if you are so permanently fatigued and afflicted by brain fog that you can barely take action.

Here are a few reasons why optimising your energy levels may be the key to your financial well-being.


You can work much harder and more consistently when your energy levels are higher


The state of your career has a lot to do with the state of your financial well-being as a whole, obviously. The better you are doing at work, the more you are likely to get paid, the more secure your job is likely to be, and the healthier your bank account is likely to be as a consequence.

If, on the other hand, you find it just about impossible to work diligently and consistently at your day job, the odds are not good that you will be up for promotion on a regular basis. In fact, the odds are good that you will lose your job in its entirety, and be placed in a deeply unpleasant financial situation as a result.

When your energy levels are at their highest – due to good health, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and so on – you will simply have the capacity to work much harder and more consistently at your job.

In fact, you will also have the capacity to work much harder and more consistently at your hobbies, your side ventures, your education, and everything else, too.

Harder and more consistent work across the board correlates excellently with improved financial well-being. Not to mention the fact that the ability to work harder is likely to be connected to the ability to be more orderly and conscientious in your work – which is one of the greatest predictors of financial success.


You are less likely to procrastinate and be impulsive when your energy levels are higher


Have you ever woken up from an unbelievably good night’s sleep, had an excellent breakfast, sat down at your desk, and felt an unbelievable urge to procrastinate and do anything but your work?

Maybe you have, but chances are, in this kind of state, you’ve actually been infinitely more focused and on point than you have been at other times when you were heavily fatigued.

When your energy levels are higher, you are more resilient emotionally and are also better able to maintain mental focus. One side effect of this is that you are significantly less likely to procrastinate and significantly less likely to be impulsive.

In fact, research has specifically indicated that people who are chronically sleep deprived (a state that will definitely sap your energy levels) are far more likely to engage in impulsive, risk-taking behaviour, and are less likely to make smart and well thought-out decisions.

Generally, the higher you can boost your energy levels, the better the odds that you will be able to act in a deliberate, responsible, and consistent manner in work and life.

Of course, this also means you’re less likely to go on a spree of impulsive spending or to fail to be properly productive at the workplace. These factors, in turn, can work wonders for your financial well-being.

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You may need to spend less money on your well-being once you’ve found a routine that boosts your energy levels


There’s a huge industry today based specifically around the need for people to try and recover and shore up their flagging energy levels, just enough to get their work and life obligations attended to.

Generally, when people are experiencing chronically low energy levels, there will be underlying reasons connected to poor health, inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, and other such similar things.

If you can go on a dedicated “mission” to diagnose and treat the cause of your low energy levels, it’s entirely possible that you can end up settling into a routine that helps to keep your energy levels consistently high, and which frees you from the need to constantly spend money haphazardly in the attempt to keep yourself awake and alert.

You could save plenty of money even just on things like coffee, cigarettes, assorted supplements, and gadgets that you may be leaning on to give you an artificial energy boost during the day.


You are more likely to be creative when your energy levels are higher


One of the key traits of a successful entrepreneur is, of course, creativity. An entrepreneurial job role will always have a lot to do with figuring out savvy strategies for overcoming particular problems, and putting yourself out there in the market in a way that fulfils customer need, and helps to make you properly competitive against the other players in the field.

And that’s only to speak of entrepreneurs.

Creativity can also help you, financially, in various other ways – such as by helping you to come up with innovative money-saving strategies that you might not otherwise have thought up, or giving you an insight into additional revenue streams you can leverage in your life.

As a general rule, the more creative you are able to be, the better it is likely to be for your overall financial well-being.

When your energy levels are higher, you are significantly more likely to have the drive, resources, and awareness to exercise creative solutions to your problems, and to think creatively in general.

Becoming more energetic, then, might help you to be more innovative in your approach to your financial life as a whole.

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