3 Ways To Ease Financial Pressure When Buying A House

Buying a house is expensive. It’s expensive at every stage of the process, too; from the money you spend to spruce your existing home up for sale to the cost of a removal firm to get you into a new property, you know it’s going to be expensive.

To try and combat what seems like an endless list of debits against your bank account, here are three pressure-relieving solutions to keep in mind:

Look for homes that are being sold by the vendor

People who are selling their house without the assistance of a real estate agent tend to offer lower prices, as they will incur fewer fees as part of the sale. You may also want to consider selling your existing house for yourself, too.

Never offer the asking price

The asking price on a house is the starting point for negotiation, so never offer the full asking price without making a lower offer first. The worst that can happen is that your offer is declined, but you’ll still be able to make subsequent offers if you like the property enough to spend more, so it’s always worth asking for less on the off-chance the seller will accept!

Opt for a bridging loan if necessary

If you find a house you want to buy before the sale has finalised on your existing home, a bridging loan can help. To find out more about these helpful loans, the infographic below explains everything perfectly…

Infographic Design By  Barclays Bridging Loans

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