Finding Ways To Love The job You Hate

You are not your job. It can be difficult to remember that in these fast-paced, ultra-competitive times. In an era where we seem to be working harder and for longer hours than ever before (even though our pay packet may not reflect the effort we put in), it can be hard to extricate the quality of our lives from how we feel about our jobs. If waking up every workday morning is agonising for you, you’re not alone.

Studies show that over half of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs. It’s one thing when you hate your job and another altogether when it can feel like there’s no escape. If you’ve become frustrated with job application after job application getting rejected it can feel as though there’s no way out. In this instance you may find it more rewarding to let your hatred of your job go and (if only for the time being) learn to love the job you hate.

Here’s how…

Do It Somewhere Else

Very often it’s not so much the job we hate but the location, the people we work with, the pervading attitude of the workplace culture or even the logistics of where you live or work. If you live or work in London, for example, you may enjoy slightly better pay than the rest of the country. But you must also endure exorbitant rent, nightmarish commutes and a cost of living that can only exacerbate the stress of working in one of the busiest cities in the world.

With the North booming in certain sectors – Liverpool provides great job prospects, as does Manchester. Sometimes, a change of scenery can cast your job in a whole new light.

Make Connections With Those Around You

Your friendships with colleagues or even your management can make even the most arduous of jobs bearable. After all, you spend more time with these people than your family and dearest friends and probably even your partner. Thus, it behoves you to cultivate positive relationships with those around you as much as you are able. You’d be amazed at how much a little workplace banter and a little camaraderie will brighten up even the darkest days.

Tell Your Boss How You Feel

Obviousl,y you’ll need to be delicate about your phrasing but telling your management how you feel about your job and why could be an important first step in turning things around. As a rule, employers don’t like upset, bitter and resentful employees. They know that happiness and productivity are closely related and that you’re much more likely to be at your best if you’re happier. Work with them to…

Create Job Hacks

With the help of your boss (or a trusted colleague if you’d prefer), list all the things you like about your job (however small) and all the things that you don’t. Then create a third list of things you would like in your job which would ensure that you get more enjoyment from the first column and less stress or worry from the second. Not only will this give you a little perspective it will make you feel better knowing that you are working towards finding solutions for your professional problems.

With hard work, determination and relying on others even the most challenging of jobs can be tamed.

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