You Don’t Actually Need To Win The Lottery To Live An Abundant Life

You’ve probably said it. You can probably think of people who have said it to you. It’s something that everybody thinks about and even dreams about at some point in their lives. Winning the lottery. Doesn’t it just seem like a dream come true – all of our prayers answered? Even when we read about the stories of people squandering their millions on drugs, alcohol, and other sordid things. Even when we read about how the sudden influx of money ruined every relationship they ever had. People still want to win the lottery.

Winning the lottery is not the only way to begin living an abundant life. In fact, you can live an abundant life right now, with what you have. You can also make changes so that you start to create more money and opportunities for yourself. When people simply wish to win the lottery, they are limiting themselves and downplaying the power they actually have to create a life they want.

Here are some pointers you can use to begin living an abundant life right now:

Become Less Of A Consumer

If you want to live in abundance, you need to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing and become less of a consumer. People buy and buy and buy. They buy for the sake of buying. They don’t even know what they’re buying for! If you were stranded on a desert island alone, would you still want to buy all of the things that you buy? Probably not. This goes to show that most of what we buy isn’t actually to bring us happiness – it’s to show off to others. It’s to attempt to make others think more of us so we can feel more valuable.

Whether it’s a designer bag or an expensive TV, these things aren’t essential.

Aim to become less of a consumer. Think about what you do with your money carefully. Take your time before purchasing anything – never make an impulse purchase. When you detach yourself from consumerism, you’ll feel much happier and have far more money to boot.

Find Out Where True Happiness Comes From

Happiness does not come from showering yourself in expensive stuff. It doesn’t come from the new smartphone or a new pair of shoes. Happiness comes from friends and family. It comes from helping others. It comes from improving our skills, trying out new hobbies, and living a life that’s as full as possible. Try doing more things for other people and see how you feel. Watch a few documentaries on Netflix – they illustrate that people who live in a hut and basically sleep on top of one another are happy.

Yet in the western world we tend to be really unhappy. All of this could be linked back to consumerism. Perhaps even to technology!

Be Grateful For All You Have

Start being more grateful for what you actually have. Maybe you don’t have a great car, phone, or wardrobe. But, you do have clothes on your back. You have access to the internet to read this. You have a roof over your head. Simply changing your perspective and feeling more grateful can help you to live a life of abundance. Plus, when you see the things you have to be grateful for, more things will likely pop up. It’s all about the channel you choose to tune into!

Setting Your Financial Goals for The New Year

Take Steps To Financial Freedom – It’s More Doable Than You Think

When you do genuinely want to make more money, try taking steps to financial freedom, rather than attempting to win the lottery. It’s more doable than you think. You could write ebooks, create a course on something you’re knowledgeable about, or create websites and sell items via affiliate links. You can learn exactly what to do with the internet, and take baby steps to get to where you want to be. The goal is to eventually be able to work very little while making enough money to cover all of your expenses. Imagine the life you could live!

You actually have control over whether you’re doing this or not. You don’t have control over the lottery.

Develop One Of Your Ideas

Are you an ideas person? If you have lots of ideas but never follow them through, see what could happen if you develop one for once. Maybe you could start a business. You’ll need to plan out all of the details, from where you source your equipment to how you’ll get the money to fund it. However, you only live once, and if you don’t develop your idea then somebody else will!

Start Every Day Right

The way you start each day will make you feel happier and more productive. Start each day by getting out of bed early, so you don’t have to rush around. Take your time with a hot drink and a chapter of an inspirational book. Do some meditation. Get into a great routine that helps you to become a better person, and you’ll begin seeing the magic in all of your days.

When we start the day off rushed and irritated, this usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Notice how you get more done when you have a morning routine.

Enjoy The Journey

Trying to get to the destination too fast can mean failing to enjoy the journey. The journey is what it’s all about though, right? Make sure you enjoy every minute of your life. Don’t live at some point in the future when you think you’ll have all of the money you want. Live in the now. The happier you are and the more you enjoy the process, the faster you’ll tend to get to where you want to be anyway.

See? You really don’t need to win the lottery to start living an abundant life that you truly enjoy. You can have, do, or be anything you want. The first step is to believe that you can. Then you actually need to take action towards your goals. Leave your thoughts below!

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