3 Driving Jobs You Could Do To Earn More Money

Having a driving licence means first and foremost freedom, the ability to go where you want to when you want (providing you have a car). Furthermore, if you enjoy driving, whether visiting new places, judging other people’s driving or you just like being in your own space and your own company, a driving job of some description could be for you.

The list of posts below includes those that you could potentially fit in and around your current lifestyle. As they all provide either flexible hours, night or day shifts.

Forklift Driver

With an increase in demand for forklift drivers in the UK, this may be a viable option for you to consider concerning job availability. Forklift driving is primarily based in warehouses, airports, construction sites and airports, and shifts are available both daytime and at night. This job may be physically demanding so this is worth taking into consideration. As you will most likely be required to lift and organize palettes/luggage/heavy items in the warehouses, and perhaps additional duties of loading and unloading trucks and vans. An added bonus is there is usually an option for overtime for you to make some extra money. The salary you can expect as a trainee is roughly £15,000 to £17,000 and once you’ve gained more experience, an employer may reward you anywhere between £17,000 and £26,000. To become qualified as a forklift driver, you will be required to undergo training, the length and cost of training depending on what type of forklift you wish to drive. The cost of courses from training providers averages around £700 and lasts anywhere between 3 – 5 days. With a fast turnaround, you could earn your fork lifting licence in a short amount of time and begin applying for fork lifting jobs very soon.

Lorry Driver

If the idea of driving a lorry seems of interest to you, you will need to be over 18, with a UK/EU driving licence and work towards gaining a CPC (Driver Certificate Of Professional Competence) qualification at a professional training organization such as Newcroft Training. A few employers offer training courses for you to complete and obtain your CPC, meaning they will most likely cover the cost on completion. Before you apply for a job as a lorry driver, it’s important to consider whether you mind working in solitude, as sometimes this may be the case for long journeys. Also think about how confident you are on the road, exploring new areas and how you feel about sometimes being far away from home. If being a lorry driver appears to be an exciting role that fits your personality, working as a trainee you can expect to earn between £17,000 and £28,000. With experienced lorry drivers receiving a generous salary in the region of £32,000.

Driving Instructor

This role involves working with different people on a regular basis and favours the traits of those who wish to teach and guide people. With driving being such a dangerous activity, working alongside a new driver may be quite scary, especially once you hit the busy roads. Which is why it takes someone with a cool head, confidence, ample driving experience, and excellent people skills. This is to ensure your pupil feels comfortable in your presence and is receptive to your teaching methods. In comparison to working as a lorry driver, this role is better suited to those who desire to work alongside people.

To become a driving instructor you will need to possess a UK driving licence for 3 and a half years and no more than 6 points on your licence. Providing you meet these criteria, you are required to undertake various tests and extensive training to perfect your driving skills and teaching skills. With different trainee driving instructor positions available across the UK, should be accepted by a company, you will be requested to attend a specialist course to work towards your driving instructor licence. As a driving instructor, you can expect to earn between £15,000 to £30,000.

Beyond your driving licence providing you freedom, it’s also opened up plenty of doors for you to pursue a new career. For those of you who are keen to use their driving licence to their advantage in helping them change their career or start a new one, the above three jobs could be the ticket you need to earn more money for you and your family. However, you are not limited to the above, as there are an extensive range of other driving jobs for you to consider, such as; ambulance, bus, taxi or a delivery driver. Each possesses its own benefits and advantages, the key is to find the job that works in line with your skill set and life.

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