Ashleigh Money Saver’s Daily Prize Draw

Daily Lottery Draws give you the chance to win money, prizes or points each day, or a few times a day in some cases. Entry to these draws are free and are often themed around something that is unique to you.

Ashleigh Money Saver’s Daily Prize Draw

Ashleigh Money Saver offers a VERY simple to enter prize draw which involves signing up to her site, which can be done via Facebook. Then each day she draws a random name and they win £100. This amount doesn’t roll-over if left unclaimed and you don’t receive an email to say you are the winner – you do, however, get a daily reminder to check the site to see if you have won.

There isn’t a loyalty bonus for returning to the site or a referral bonus.

The draw takes place at 12pm everyday.

Ashleigh Money Saver’s daily prize draw is so simple to sign up to.

If you’re on the lookout for more money saving tips and offers then make sure you check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.

The Ashleigh Money Saver’s Daily Prize Draw is just one of a few daily lottery draws I enter, make sure you visit the “Daily Lottery Page” for a full list of the ones available, including prizes and draw times.

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