Awesome Careers For Creatives That Want To Help Others

If you have the creative spark, there are many ways you can turn this into a lucrative and successful career. It doesn’t mean sitting in a studio producing work alone either. In fact, there are plenty of financially rewarding jobs for creative out there where they can help others as well. Read on to find out more.

Music Teacher

One fantastic and enjoyable career that combines creativity and helping others is teaching. Specifically, music teaching in this case. A subject that along with other arts pursuits has been sadly marginalized in the current political climate.

In fact, teaching music is so important because it inspires kids to get involved and make music while they are young. Something that can actually help them to develop a love for music through their adult life as well.

Of course, this is a career in which you will need to have the proper qualifications. Luckily, you can enrol in institutions like Rutgers Online and study for things like a Master in music education flexibly. Something that means you won’t have to lose out on pay while you are studying for your dream career.

Art Therapist

Another excellent career choice for the creative that wants to help others to become an art therapist. This is a type of therapy that relies less on verbalization of problems and more on visual expression and ways of solving them. This being a discipline that can be very helpful for all sorts of different people, including those with learning difficulties or PTSD.

To become an art therapist, you will need experience in both the art field and in mental health. In fact, most people come to art therapy after they have completed a bachelor’s degree in art. Then take an additional course that allows them to apply this to therapeutic situations.


You may not think that an entertainer is someone that helps people. However, this is not the case. In fact, entertainers are primarily charged with eliciting an emotional reaction from their audience and depending on what this is and in what context this is used, it can be very helpful.

For example, a clown may spend their time working in a children’s hospital, bringing moments of joy and happiness to those going through an incredibly difficult time. Good entertainment can also help to distract people from their problems and overwhelming emotions as well. Something that can be very useful for those looking to successfully get through a hard time or cope with difficult emotions in the moment.

The good news here is that there are many routes to becoming an entertainer. Some people go to university to study performing arts, or media. While others pursue the buzz of live performance or follow what they love to do until opportunities arise.

Of course, if you hit the big time, being a professional entertainer in the form of an actor, or musician isn’t just a career choice that can help people. In fact, it can be a multi-million dollar gig. Something that makes it an even more attractive career option.

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