Ways You Can Boost Your Income in 2018

Did you struggle for money more than you’d have liked in 2017? Perhaps you just want next year to be a chance to save, get out of debt or earn some extra cash. Either way, there are things you can do to boost your income, and make your life a little easier. Here’s how you can go about it!

Ask For a Raise

If you’ve been working hard all year and genuinely think you deserve it, how about asking your boss for a raise? You might just catch them in a good mood right now while everyone is in the Christmas spirit! Even a small hourly raise can add up over the month, so if you’re slogging away at your current company this could be one way to increase your income. When pitching the idea to your boss you should focus on the reasons you deserve it (not why you need it) highlighting your successes and ask for feedback.

Earn Money From Home

Another way to increase your income is by working from home during your free time. The good thing about this kind of work is it’s flexible and you get to choose how much you do, so if you’re a little short one week you could do some extra, but choose to do less when things were going well.

You could sign up to a freelancing site and write articles, while each piece will have a deadline you can choose how much to take on. You could start a blog, while this will take a while to get established later down the line it could gain you some fantastic opportunities and allow you to earn money from home.

You could even start a small home business, if you’re a crafty or creative type you could sell handmade or digital creations on sites like Etsy. It could be anything from jewellery to handmade beauty products to clipart and digital art.

Make an Investment

If you’re looking to earn money over a longer period, one option would be to make an investment. You could buy gold coins or buy a digital currency like Bitcoin. If you have more money to invest you could buy property or invest i a business. Cash out your investments at the right time and you could make some serious dough, passive income like this is great as it requires no extra work on your part. While many investments like this are reasonably safe, you should only use money that you can afford to lose should things take a bad turn.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Finally, the average household is home to sometimes thousands in unwanted items. From antiques in the loft to unworn jewellery, out of date tech, even things like CDs and DVD disks will be bought by companies online. You could sell to a website or you could go to a boot fare and sell it all in person. In the case of things like jewellery, have it valued and sell through them for the best price.

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