Win Cash With Smiley Faces: Emoji Lottery

Daily Lottery Draws give you the chance to win money, prizes or points each day, or a few times a day in some cases. Entry to these draws are free and are themed around something that is unique to you.

The Emoji Lottery

The Emoji Lottery is a fun daily draw based around the super popular emoji pictures. You select five different emojis (emojis are the little smiley face symbols) then each day check back to see if your five match the winning five – simple.

The prize starts at £5 and rolls over each day if it isn’t collected, biggest jackpot to day (8/6/17) has been £105. Unlike other lottery draw sites there isn’t a daily checking bonus but you do get an email encouraging you to check each day and that has a very simple “1 Click Check” button – so you have no excuses.

Emoji Lottery is super simple to sign up to, you select your five emojis and enter your email address. Done. Like I mentioned, you get a daily reminder to your email so you’ll (hopefully) never miss a draw.

You can sign up to the Emoji Lottery here.

The draw takes place 9pm GMT and although the prize is GBP, the draw is open to all players over the world – prize will just convert in to local currency at the recent exchange rate.

As well as the daily draw, the team behind the Emoji Lottery regularly run competitions on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Worth giving them a follow and a like.

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