Make Long Term Money Online With These Strategies

There’s always been money to make online. The problem is a lot of people who want to make money go into it thinking short term. Maybe it’ll keep them afloat as they wait until their next job, or perhaps it’s just something small to supplement an income. You can make money online on a long term basis. Either from a passive income point of view or something, you engage with daily as either a full-time job or as a side hustle. Here are certain strategies you can use to make money online on a long term basis. Some may not be suitable for you, but at least you can consider new options and broaden your mind.

Investing In CryptoCurrency

It’s become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years with many stories online regarding the average person making a chunk of cash. There is certainly money to be made in cryptocurrency, so long as you know what you’re doing. You need to know where to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos, as well as when to buy and sell. The long term aspects come when you realise certain coins pay interest, daily. Nexo is a great example of this. The trick here is in doing accurate research before either buying or selling and not falling for any of the scams online. It’s a hard one to get into, but the potential for long term profit is there.

Build A Freelance Platform

If you can build a solid platform on a freelance website you can rely on work trickling through often. This doesn’t matter what you do either, whether it’s writing or software programming. You’d build a platform on a site like Fiver or Upwork and garner some good feedback which results in more work. The work you put in at the beginning will pay dividends over time. It might be that you end up getting repeat work with the same client, or multiple streams from different businesses or people. Getting off the ground is tough and you may need to offer your services for lower prices so that you can get those reviews in. Going niche always helps. So you wouldn’t offer “writing services”, you’d offer Ghost Writing or technical writing. A niche offering stands out and allows you to carve out your space on the given platform.

Subscription-Based Services

If you can get people to subscribe to something you offer, then you’ll have a reliable monthly or weekly income. There are many different subscription-based services you can offer across multiple platforms. OnlyFans is a prime example of a subscription-based service that offers way more these days than simple pictures. Subscribing to newsletters, tips, guides and maybe even chapters of a book are all viable options people pay for so offering these services is certainly a money-making opportunity. Looking at how to promote your subscription-based service can be quite tough but you can use social media and other streams to get off the ground. The key point is to ensure that you offer something valuable. People aren’t going to subscribe to something that’s worthless.

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