3 Ways to Make Money Out of Your Home

There are endless ways to make extra cash but figuring out the best way for you to increase your income with minimum effort does take some research. However, there is one asset you already have that could be making you a pretty penny without you having to lift a finger.

Your house is an ideal asset to make you some cash and you don’t even need to sell your stuff to make any of these simple plans work. They’re so easy, it’s surprising that more people don’t make the most.

Rent Out Your Spare Room

Spare rooms quite often end up being either ignored or filled up with junk you don’t really need. Instead, you could be renting it out. You could try accepting a lodger who will pay you rent and contribute to your bills or you could try putting your spare room on a site like Airbnb. This is a great option for you if you don’t want to have a permanent housemate but do want to make some cash every so often.

In fact, Airbnb is ideal if you have a whole house you are willing to rent out, especially if you are often away with work. You don’t even need to do any of the marketing, vetting or even key exchanges – you can use Easy Airbnb Management Services. Letting your home for a few days at a time while you are away couldn’t be easier and it’s a great way to earn from your assets.

Add Solar Panels

If you aren’t so keen on letting strangers into your home, an alternative is to install solar panels on the roof. While they are a long-term option and it could take around 14 years before you see any return on your investment, solar panels are a great way to sell clean, green energy back to the grid and make some money from your roof. Plus, your own energy bills will be vastly reduced.

Rent Out Your Driveway

As more and more people own cars, families are running out of room to park on their own drives. This means that there are more cars parking on the pavements and clogging up the roads. However, this also presents an opportunity because you could offer to rent out your driveway for a fixed fee.

Though it might seem odd, you could choose to rent your driveway using long or short-term agreements depending on where you live and what the demand is like. If, for example, you live near an airport, a stadium or another large venue, you might be better charging more for shorter stays and profiting from the visitors. Alternatively, if you just live in a crowded residential area, you might be able to find someone willing to sign a contract for a year.

When you start to look, your house can offer you all sorts of different money making opportunities if you are willing to share your things. But, if you haven’t seen a solution you fancy here, have a look at these alternative ideas for making extra cash.

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