Making Money Sustainably

There are many unspoken truths regarding making money, the main one being that most people will do anything to boost their bottom line. Okay, there are lines in the sand, but they are blurred. You might not screw over a loved one, yet you don’t mind if a colleague doesn’t manage to experience the returns that you do.

You aren’t as close to them, so why waste time worrying about their situation? The same goes for investing sustainably. The harsh reality is that increasing your wealth often takes priority over helping the planet and leaving it in a decent condition for the next generation. The impacts of climate change are already being felt globally, and nothing is being done to halt them.

Thankfully, you can take action with your investments. By avoiding unsustainable projects and welcoming eco-friendly ones, it is possible to boost your earning power while maintaining a guilt-free conscience. The question is, where do you begin? Weirdly, it’s with cryptocurrencies.

Even though they appear carbon neutral on the surface, the fact is that cryptocurrencies have much higher footprints than you realise when you delve underneath the surface. For instance, you might not recognise that mining is getting tougher with fewer Bitcoins available. As a result, more energy is used, which leads to the unnecessary depletion of fossil fuels.

If you aren’t aware of the consequences of Bitcoin on the environment, then the following infographic is ideal. In it, it explains how and why mining for cryptocurrencies is harmful and why sustainable investors should consider different avenues.

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