Making and Saving Money with Mobile Apps

While there are plenty of apps that can do cool things like, send messages to friends, send files from your phone to your computer, there are some out there working hard – saving and making you money.

Here is a list of apps you need to check out if you love being thrifty on the go.


Everyone’s favourite online deal site – Groupon, you can pick up to 90% off some amazing things. Groupon works on your location; if you have a holiday coming up, you can search out places nearby and book things in advance. Don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need though just because the offers are so good.  For iOS, Android, and Windows

DebtTracker Pro

DebtTracker Pro – this one helps you visualise everything you are paying off. It can tell you how much interest you are paying, how close you are to repaying certain debts off, and you can get reminders when payments are due. This one is for iOS.


If you’ve ever parked up in a multi-story car park for a day of shopping in a city you don’t regularly visit, only to find you’re paying a premium price for it – then check out BestParking. It helps to direct you to the closest and cheapest parking options in your location. iOS, Google Play


Gamers rejoice – GameFly heard you needed an app to get the best prices on new, used and pre-order games, consoles and more. Every day they also promote a heavily discounted or free game – not bad. iOS, Google Play.

Mercedes Me Connect

It is worth checking what apps might work with your car, car insurance, or breakdown company. Mercedes Me Connect hooks itself up to your car and saves you money by being able to run diagnostics, live traffic information and breakdown management. Saving you money when it matters.

Field Agent

Like the idea of earning money like a secret agent? Field Agent is an app that posts different mystery shoppers assignments. You don’t have to go out of your way to visit them; you can do it as you go about your usual routine. It pays around £5 for each job, and often it can be a lot more. iOS and Google Play


Roamler is another trendy choice of the mystery shopping enthusiast – although you’re going to need an invite to join it (which you can get by joining various Facebook groups). iOs & Google Play


If you happen to have a lot of opinions, then Voxpopme might be right up your street. You take a minute or so out of the day to record your answers to various questions. They pay around 25p per video, but there are so many it soon stacks up. Payouts go straight to your PayPal at £10. On iOS and Google Play

Job Spotters

The app Job Spotters main aim is to help populate You take a photo and submit the jobs on the applications platform and watch your points stack up. Depending on how original your picture is, you will make between five and 150 points. Each point is a cent, so it stacks up pretty quickly. iOS, Google Play

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