Save Money At Home While You’re On Holiday

The holiday is booked, the insurance is purchased and the dog is excited to spend a week in the kennels. Booking a holiday is an expensive time in our lives, with so many factors we have to pay for. As well as saving money on the actual holiday and all the smaller costs that make it up (clothes, food, car rental etc) you can easily save some money while you are on the holiday. Here’s how.

Pause or Cancel Subscriptions

If you’re going away for a longer break, anything over five days, then it might be worth looking at your subscriptions and seeing if you have the option to pause it for a holiday. If you are going for two weeks or longer this can save you some money, at the end of the day why should you pay for services you’re not using.

Newspaper deliveries, magazine, food boxes, TV and gaming subscriptions can often be put on pause and restarted once you’re back. The last thing you want on your doorstep is a TV mag that is 2 weeks out of date or a box of food that’s now gone off.

Empty Your Freezer

Fridges and Freezers use up a lot of energy. Clever meal planning could see you use up all the items in your freezer meaning you can turn it off while you are away, saving you money on that energy. Whatever you do DON’T turn it off the day you go, you will come home to a wet floor and a smelly freezer.

Plan you meals so you can give your freezer a chance to defrost before you go away. Give your freezer a good clean out with some bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little water on a sponge, then leave the door open while away. Do the same with the fridge.

Save Money At Home While You're On Holiday

Turn Everything Off

Unless you need to keep it on while you’re away, then turn it off at the wall, unplug and save. TV’s, DVD/Blu-Ray/VCR players, sound systems, cookers, PC/Games consoles and all other electronics that you won’t be using will suck up money for nothing.

If you need to keep the Fridge/Freezer switched on or the Sky box to record your favourite shows then obviously keep those on. Unless you can watch them on catch-up once you’re home, then switch it off.

Thermostat & Boiler

Depending on when you go away, it’s worth doing one of two things with your boiler.

  • In the summer: Turn it off. You’re not going to be using the heating anyway so turning the boiler off will save you some money while you’re away.
  • In the winter: Make sure you set your thermostat. Most modern boilers are now cheaper to operate little and often, so allow your heating to come on during an evening to ensure the house stays at a constant temperature. This means you won’t have to spend a few hours reheating it when you get home. Also, ensure as many blinds and curtains are closed as possible, this will keep the heat in.

Make Money – Rent Your Drive/Parking Space

Nothing says “I’m away” more than a vacant parking space. If people are used to seeing a car on your drive then they’ll soon twig that you’re away if it’s not there.

If you’re planning on parking at the airport you could either get a friend/relative to park their car in your place or you could rent your parking space out for the time you’re away. Not only does this give an added piece of security to your home but you can also make a nice bit of cash, especially if you’re located close to a station, airport or city centre.

Hopefully, these tips will be able to save you a little more while you’re on holiday, making it all that more worth it. If you have any tips for saving money while you’re away then feel free to drop them below.

We all know holidays are expensive, but so very worth it. Here are a few tips on how to save money at home while you're on holiday - making your time away a little more worth it.

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