Side-Hustle Ideas For Those Who Love The Great Outdoors

When you’re looking to boost your income, there are all kinds of side-hustles that might take your fancy. If you’re looking to flex your skills, you might work freelance occasionally. If you’re looking to make (relatively) easy money, you might generate a passive income through investing or renting out rooms in your property. And you might even start your own business at home with a blog or an e-commerce site, starting small with such side-hustles before quitting your full-time job to then rule the online world.

What you do is up to you, but if you’re looking to spend more of your time outdoors after a day with your 9 to 5 job, then here are some suggestions that might take your fancy.

Start a gardening side-hustle

If your fingers are the right shade of green (not literally, see your doctor if they are), then you might want to consider gardening as a side-hustle. Send out flyers around your neighbourhood, and then offer your services to people who need help mowing their lawns, cultivating their bushes, or tending to their perennials. You might also offer advice to wannabe gardeners, be that at the homes of others or at your own home, using your garden to demonstrate particular green-fingered skills.

Become a lifeguard

Is there a beach near you? Did you ever imagine yourself running across the sands as if in a scene from Baywatch? If so, why not consider working part-time as a lifeguard. A beach lifeguard course will teach you the lifesaving skills needed for such a position, so if you’re willing to learn, and especially if you are a strong swimmer, this might be a side-hustle you will enjoy. You will also get to spend more time on the beach and under the sun, so let that be another (less serious) incentive to consider this idea.

Consider sports coaching

Now, sports coaching could be something you take up full time. Those who are newly-qualified can earn around £20,000, and as the linked article suggests, you can expect a salary that borders on £100,000 when you work at the highest level. So, if you are in any way sporty, and you already have the qualifications and experience to showcase your credentials, this could be a very profitable (and sorry for the pun) field to enter. Still, you might also consider sports coaching as a side-hustle, either to extend your favourite sporting hobby or to get the experience needed for a career. Be it in adult or junior sports, contact your local leisure centres, schools, or council offices, and offer your services or enquire about vacancies.

So, those were just a few ideas, but there are bound to be other side-hustles that will take you into the great outdoors. Gain some inspiration by looking at the services people offer on websites such as Fiverr and TaskRabbit, or sit down and match the skills you have with possible side-hustle ideas. Whatever you decide on, you will enjoy both the benefits of the great outdoors and the boost to your bank balance that will be coming your way.

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