The Number Plate Lotto

Daily Lottery Draws give you the chance to win money, prizes or points each day, or a few times a day in some cases. Entry to these draws are free and are often themed around something that is unique to you.

Number Plate Lotto

Number Plate Lotto is basically what it says on the tin, you enter your car registration number and your email address. There is then a daily draw where one number plate is picked at random and if you own that plate you win the prize. The daily jackpot is a guaranteed £15 and if it is left unclaimed then it rolls over to the next draw. You need to physically visit the site each day to check to see if you are the winner. The winnings are paid directly to your PayPal account.

Every day you visit you earn a small bonus which is paid out when you win and you also earn an entry into the weekly draw. You can earn a weekly draw entry every hour, giving you 24 entries per day. This is then drawn on a Saturday at 8pm.

The site is quick and easy to sign up to, and like all other free lottery draws well worth the daily check.

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