Bad Idea! The Worst Ways You Can Try To Make Money Now

Times are tough, and as money doesn’t tend to travel as far anymore, everybody is feeling the pinch. Whether you’re a parent, and you’ve got to take up another job, or you’re a student, and you take up two or three jobs just to fund your education, there are so many different ways we can make money in the modern world. When it comes to developing a suitable side hustle, there are many options that can prove to be a big mistake. So, what are these?

Selling Substances

First thing’s first, it’s illegal to do anything of this sort, and you will only end up regretting this! But it’s the way many students choose to supplement their income, which can easily spiral into adulthood. But if you think this is a viable way to make money, you’d better consult a drug possession lawyer. provides plenty of information on the repercussions of this, but so many people still think this is a way to earn a little bit of money on the side. The war on drugs is an ongoing battle, and if you’ve watched one too many episodes of Breaking Bad and thought that this is a great way to get you out of a bind, think again!

Clinical Trials

You see so many advertisements for clinical trials online, sites like show how much money you can get for participating in a clinical trial, which is a lot. And for doing relatively little, it seems very tempting, but while you are you sure that this new drug has gone through rigorous testing, there could always be something that goes wrong. TBad Idea! The Worst Ways You Can Try To Make Money Nowhere are horror stories about someone who sustained lifelong side effects, or even died, due to an improper testing environment.

If you are desperate for money, and clinical trials appeal to you, you need to do as much research as you possibly can, and preferably speak to someone who’s been through it. However, what they’ve been through wouldn’t be the same as what would happen to you. You are really taking your life into your own hands with this one.

A Professional Mourner

Yes, these actually exist. This profession has had a history in Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Mediterranean cultures, but it’s now making its way West. Work can be hard to come by with this, but also, if you managed to carve out a side hustle being a professional mourner, what kind of effect is this going to have on your state of mind after a while? Going to funerals is never the easiest of things at the best of times. But, if you think this is something you can do, then you might be able to earn money for your “services”.

There are so many strange ways to make money in the world, but these three highlights how detrimental it can be to you. While most side hustles consist of doing some admin or freelance work, they aren’t always the most lucrative. And while these three methods can be good money makers, these go to show how detrimental they can be to you, and the ones you love. And while there are so many odd ways to make money in the world that is relatively harmless, you might want to think twice about these!

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