5 Tips On Preparing To Move Home

So you’ve purchased a new home, and you’re getting ready to move! It’s an exciting time, but there’s also lots to do. The key is to start getting organised nice and early, so you don’t end up being stressed at the last minute. To help you out a little, try these five steps to start you off.


It’s vital to declutter your home before you move. It’s likely that you’ll have accumulated many belongings if you’ve been in your property a while. If you have larger items to dispose of,  it’s a good idea to try a house clearance service. These services can dispose of a huge variety of items in the proper, eco-friendly way! However, if you’ve mostly got smaller items of clothes and homeware, you can easily declutter yourself. Go through every room and box up the things that you no longer use. Take these belongings to the charity store or sell them on via sites like Facebook marketplace.

Arrange your Utilities

Ensure that you arrange your utilities in good time because you’ll need to switch over all your bills and you won’t want to end up overpaying. Your internet provider etc. may need to close your existing account and open you a new one at your new address. Ensure that you inform all companies you are associated with of your new address from your bank to your TV Licence company.

Book a removal company

Once you’ve started packing, you should have a fair idea of how much stuff you have to move. It’s easier if you have an estimate of boxes and furniture so that your removal company can provide you with a quote. Choose a company with plenty of experience and ensure that they provide insurance to cover your belongings in transit. Some companies can provide packing as well as moving services, which can be a great help when you’re pushed for time.

Pre-order for the new place

Pre-order any items you need for your new place such as curtains, carpet and new furniture etc. You won’t want to spend too much time without everything you need, so it’s best to get organised. Some like to pay for some professional cleaning services to ensure that everything is extra clean before they move in. Of course, the home will have been left in good condition, (but germs and bacteria are invisible)!

It can also be a good idea to have a drugs testing service carried out on a new home. Harmful chemicals can remain in the air, walls and floors and end up damaging your health. Companies like Stewart Drug Testing can provide such services should you be interested in.

Prepare the kids

Lastly, if you have kids, you’ll want to help them prepare to move home. Moving home can be a little emotional for children so they may need some support. Keep as much of their furniture as you can to give them a sense of familiarity when you get to the new place. Use children’s books about moving house to help them process their emotions. Explain to them that buying a new house can be an adventure. Use their toys to act it out and try to get them excited!

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