Career Choices For Women Who Want To Smash That Glass Ceiling

If you look around at society, what you’ll see is a gender balance that has most definitely improved in recent years, but which still has a long way to go. Women were given the right to vote and many other benefits over the past hundred years, but it’s just a fact that, at the moment, the gap between men and women is wide, especially in the professional sphere.

Enter you. You want to do your part to push women’s rights further along, and you’re not going to stop until you’ve succeeded. So what careers should you be looking at? We take a look at a few options below.

Starting a Business

If you want women to be better represented in the professional world, then why not start your own business? After all, the decisions that go into who gets promoted, how much men and women get paid, and so on isn’t some magical mystery; they are decisions made by men, who typically own the businesses where the decisions are being made.

If you’re in charge, then you get to enact policies that you believe in, such as equality. It’s never been easier to start a business, either. Give it a go, and see what it takes you.

In the Sciences

Despite some pushes to get more females interested in the STEM career choices, they’re still heavily underrepresented. So why not take a look at going down this path yourself? It’s an exciting field, so you’ll never be bored at work, and you’ll be working on things that could have a dramatic impact on the future of humanity. History is littered with women who made a name for themselves (those names are sometimes not as promoted as their male counterparts, though); maybe you can make the next great woman scientist!

The Future of Tech

Make no mistake: the future of the planet is in technology. Indeed, we’ve really only just got going when it comes to this aspect of modern life. Still, females remain underrepresented in the tech world; it is a male-dominated industry, If you think you’ve got some natural coding abilities and want to work at the forefront of the future, then look at going down the tech route. It’s an industry that could do with a bit of shakeup (it’s pretty hyper-male at the moment), and you just might be the person to change things.

Into Politics

By far the greatest and most effective way to influence the world is through politics. We still haven’t had a female president, but who says we won’t in the near future? Jobs such as the Arizona Secretary of State, the US Senator from Maine, and many congressional positions are currently held by women. Could you be the next trailblazer, and do your part for improving the country at the same time?

Educational Options

Finally, don’t forget senior educational positions, such as a principal or lecturer. This positions are highly respected, and also influential; after all, they are teaching the next generation, who will see a woman in a position of power!

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