Career Sectors That Are In Demand Now!

If you have come to a crossroads in your career, or you are a young person about to choose a career for the future you will want to be aware of what careers offer the best prospects. It is essential to know which careers are in demand and whether they have staying power for the future.

The job market changes rapidly, so you need to stay ahead of the game in order to predict the next “big thing”. You can then ensure that your skillset remains up to date and current enhancing your employability.

Every year certain careers become in demand. Here are some of the careers predicted to be in demand now.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers use their creativity and technical skills to solve problems, design structures and shape the world around them. To progress quickly as a structural engineer you should consider graduating in a degree in civil or structural engineering. The world is constantly developing, so the requirement and job prospects in structural engineering is good.

IT Professional

Technology is fast moving and constantly evolving. With most workplaces using IT in some form or another the scope for a qualified IT professional is immense. Graduates with a strong knowledge of programming languages and coding will be in demand, with a salary to match.

Nursing and Healthcare

Qualified nurses have always been in demand, but now the need is even greater. An ageing population means that more people need medical care in their later years. Although people are living longer, it means that there are a whole host of medical conditions that need managing. There are many posts unfilled relating to nursing and healthcare and many nurses are now recruited from overseas.

Nursing is a career that will allow you to specialise in different areas. It is definitely a career that opens doors for future career prospects. With a shortage of qualified nurses being at an all time high there will be plenty of demand for skills.

Accountancy and Finance

Training to become accountancy is an excellent choice for long term career prospects. There is a demand for accountants and most graduates will find an accountancy position relatively easily. The skills gained in accountancy can be used across a whole range of industries. You may find yourself working for a large accountancy firm or you may choose to set up your own practice as a chartered accountant.

Human Resources

Unemployment rates have fallen in recent years meaning that more and more businesses need a human resource department to take care of recruitment and staff management. Sometimes the recruitment process is outsourced to external agencies. Recruiting staff of a high calibre is on every companies list of high priorities. To work in HR you need good communication skills and enjoy working with people. There are many unfilled vacancies in HR.

Career Sectors That Are In Demand Now!

Fitness Trainer

With health and fitness being at the top of most people’s priorities the demand for fitness trainers is not going away anytime soon! More and more people are embracing fitter, healthier lifestyles. Many people hire the help of fitness trainers in order to stick to a plan and provide motivation. If you enjoy staying fit you could turn your interest into a lucrative career. With an ageing population with “the silver pound” to spend you can tap into a growing market.

Computer Software Engineer

If you have a talent for developing computer software there will always be a demand for your skills. The demand for qualified computer software engineers is huge. Ensure you stay trained and up to date with developing technology to stay ahead of the game.

Biomedical Engineer

We have already mentioned engineering in the traditional sense, but there is also another engineering option. Biomedical engineering is where the fields of healthcare and technology meet to develop ways of delivering and developing technology, software, equipment and computer devices to be used in hospitals for the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions. This is a fast growing field which is constantly moving forward. If you have a strong science background, enjoy working in a laboratory and qualifications to demonstrate this, then becoming a biomedical engineer is an exciting and lucrative career prospect.


Similarly to becoming a fitness trainer, It seems that everyone is searching for the magic formula to enable them to hold onto their youth. Skin care specialists are trained in the latest techniques to keep ageing at bay and treat certain skin conditions. This is a fast-growing industry that is not going away anytime soon. By getting the correct training you could capitalise on this career either by working in Spas or setting up your own business.


Although the construction industry suffered during the recession due to many building projects ceasing, properties are now being built again. The resurgence of construction has revealed a shortfall in suitably qualified tradespeople such as builders, electricians and plumbers. A well qualified tradesperson will be in demand and there is the potential to develop a lucrative career. Other careers relating to the construction industry include quantity surveyors and estimators.

This is just a small selection of careers that are currently in demand. As well as choosing a career that is in demand, you also need to consider a career in which you are interested. It would be extremely difficult and unrewarding working in a career that you hate.

It’s often the case that there are so many choices, you don’t no which pathway to take, if you are unclear on which career is best for you it may be worth speaking to a careers advisor for guidance. They will be able to look at your skills and interests in order to guide you in the best direction.

Perhaps you would like to set up your own business? You may be an entrepreneur at heart. Follow your dreams and don’t worry about failing, as you will learn many useful skills on the journey.

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