Well Paying Careers For The Future Minded

We may not dress in tin foil and driving around jet cares in the future, but it is worth considering whether our career option will stand the test of time, especially with the mass automation of many industries looming in the horizon. Luckily, as things advance, new career opportunities are created as well, and below you will find a rundown on some of the best-paid options. Just read on to find out more.

Medicine and Care

While there may be all sort of developments in the medical field when it comes to treatments surgeries, diagnostics, and even prosthetics, there is one area in which real humans are still needed. Of course, this is patient care, because when our health is on the line, or we are feeling awful, we need to the empathy and compassion of a real human being to help us through.

What this means is that while the way we access treatment and diagnostics may change, such as with developments like online video appointments, and even far future changes like nanotech, the essential human interaction and reassurance gained from this remains relevant.  Therefore, this means we will still need to qualified people to fulfil this role, albeit ones that can be flexible and adapt to new methods of practice through the life of their career.


Now, those looking for a highly secure career option for the future can do no better than to find a role in the technological sciences that suits them.

In particular, think about technologies that are either just coming into their own now such as 3D printing. After all, they still need real people to design the machines and to work on developing and programming the objects that will eventually be printed.

Alternatively, while there is a big fuss about the coming automation of many professional fields, this in itself will grow the field of robotics. Of course, this means that engineers, designers, maintenance people, programmers, debuggers, and even folks that sell and market it will be needed. Something else that creates a whole raft of jobs that pay well and are future proofed.

Although it not just the 3D printing industry or robotic automation fields that are growing. In fact, any area in which you are producing, assessing or dealing with data is an excellent choice.

Therefore, potential growth sectors appropriate for those looking for a future-proof job include internet of things, app development, online automation, and even geospatial science. The latter applying to those folks looking to be behind those amazing images sent to Amazon to be used on AWS, and that are helping to make global applications in the cloud. Something we are likely to see a lot more of in the near future.

Last of all, in this sector, those that are mathematically minded may wish to consider a job in statistics and data science if they are looking for career longevity.

After all with the big data becoming more and more critical for fields as diverse as security to marketing, being able to extrapolate meaning from all that data is a skill that will be in demand.

Well Paying Careers For The Future Minded

Of course, the question here is once again whether it will be real people doing this extrapolation or whether it will be something that also becomes automated. If so, it means the more stable jobs will be in writing the data extrapolation programs, and being able to interpret the information they produce in a meaningful way for the organisations that are using this service. Something that will then allow these businesses to make improvements that can increase their bottom line, increasing the likelihood of high paying role in this field.


Online education, e-learning, and learning that utilises other types of tech such as interactive whiteboards, and games are where we expect this education industry to go. However, this doesn’t mean that all teachers, trainers, lecturers and support staff will be out of a job, or swapped for robots.

Yes, like other industries there may be changes in the way that we deliver educational materials and classes, an area in which e-learning is currently leading the way. However, there will still be a need for experts with the knowledge and the experience to apply this will for them to be successful.

Therefore even if the entire education system changes, something that seems unlikely that the moment, there will still be jobs for those that understanding teaching and learning and can apply it to the new tech in this field. Something that makes education a fantastic choice for those that want to ensure they will have a career in the long term, no matter how things change in the future.

Renewable Energy

Another area that is set to be big business in the future is that of renewable energy. For starters, we know that there is only so much fossil fuels left and this means we will have to swap to cleaner and more renewable energy sometime soon.

Secondly, this is an area in which development and new careers are already appearing. For instance, the field of photovoltaic solar panels is one that is employing many people both in the installation stages and as well as the manufacturing ones. Then there are those that design the panels and the companies that market and sell them, making this a field with a tremendous opportunity for long-lasting jobs.

Additionally, as we see the switch from petrol to electric cars begin, the potential for stable employment within this sector grows. After all, with millions of vehicles in the world; all needing to be replaced by electric versions you can see that those selling and retaining them will have their work cut out.

Of course, whether so many jobs will appear on the manufacturing side of the automotive industry is another issues. Primarily because car manufacturing is an industry where robotic automation is already being used, making it likely that even more of this process will be given over to mechanised friends. Something that makes this area a poor choice for anyone looking for future job security.

Robotic automation in the car manufacturing business makes it a poor choice for future-proofed jobs.


Therefore those folks looking for a well-paying career that will be protected in the future should look to growth industries that are increasingly incorporating tech into their everyday process. Whether that be in the physical or virtual world, or a combination of both.

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