Coming To The UK? Shortage Jobs The Country Really Can’t Get Enough Of

The world of work is changing. Technology today is moving at such breathtaking speed that it seems as though entire industries seem to rise up, fall into obscurity and become irrelevant practically overnight. The world is fast becoming a technologically interlinked and incredibly competitive market in which skilled and educated individuals are desperately clambering over one another in a scramble for success, wealth and professional fulfilment.

In such a climate, you could be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t matter where you work. But make no mistake, people come to the UK from all over the world in search of opportunity and career progression.

Whatever your stance on Brexit, whether you voted leave or remain (and there are perfectly valid arguments on both sides) it’s hard to deny that the legislation has proven extremely problematic, with figurehead politicians like Brexit minister David Davis and foreign secretary Boris Johnson recently resigning from their prominent positions. Here we’ll look at some reasons why the UK is dependent on immigration, especially in the wake of Brexit, as well as taking a close look at some shortage occupations in the country where newcomers stand a great chance of making their fortune so long as they have a Tier 2 Work Visa.

If you have a move to the UK in mind, there are many sectors in which your skills are sorely needed.

Why the UK Needs Immigrants

The UK is a multicultural democracy, and as such is enriched by the dialogue between people of different cultures and faiths and the attitudes they bring to the worlds of work, society and politics. While the US may be a melting pot, the UK has more of a mosaic approach to multiculturalism much like Canada, with people from all kinds of backgrounds retaining the cultural identity of their homeland while still enjoying the sense of belonging that the UK offers.

But while that may be the ideological and social reason why the UK needs immigrants, there’s a more pressing economic factor, especially in the wake of Brexit. Last year it was predicted by independent think tank Global Future that the UK would have a labour black hole of at least 100,000 workers in the event of a “hard” or “no-deal” Brexit. Britain is, and should be a land of opportunity, which is why people from around the world can benefit our economy by working in these shortage jobs…


The future may be digital, but we’re unlikely to stop being reliant on physical technology to facilitate the technological miracles of tomorrow. Hence, engineers will always be in high demand. Engineering has helped to create some of the crowning technological achievements in British history from the world’s first passenger train to the fastest car in the world. We can only imagine what engineering marvels will define the rest of the 21st century but we’ll only achieve them with the help of talented engineers.

Medicine and Nursing

As long as people are getting ill, we’ll need doctors and nurses to give them the care and treatment that they deserve. For many, the NHS is the jewel in the country’s crown and the fact that the UK has access to free, high-quality health care for all is something that Brits are incredibly proud of.

Graphic design

It’s not all about the sciences. The arts are also in need of talented minds from around the world. In a world where competition is rife among businesses, the role of graphic design in creating dynamic branding is more important than ever. We need bright minds from around the world with different artistic frames of reference to keep coming up with bold new looks in a fast moving and competitive business landscape.

Coming To The UK? Shortage Jobs The Country Really Can't Get Enough Of


Bright young minds will always need to be guided and stimulated by teachers who know how to help young people unlock their potential. Teaching is an extremely noble and rewarding profession, although teachers have been in short supply for some time. If you’re up to the challenge and never tire of finding fun and engaging ways to inspire young minds which are full of potential, our country needs you!

Software development

The UK has a thriving software industry that’s as diverse as it is dynamic. From video games to digital animation to business software solutions, there’s a place for creative and skilled individuals with a talent for software development.

If you have your sights set on the UK and are skilled in any of the above, congratulations! You’re about to become a part of what makes our country great!

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