Outsourcing To The UK? Why You Should Consider Working In India

Normally, the shoe is on the other foot and Indian citizens can’t wait to get to the UK. India isn’t high on the list of places to work for the British. The culture is different, there is sometimes a language barrier, and it’s hot, muggy and uncomfortable. Plus, the wages are nowhere near as competitive as home.

So, why even contemplate the move? What does India have to offer?

The truth is that the former jewel in the crown has more than money and swarms of mosquitoes. For young and career-driven men and women, it’s a potential haven and here’s why.

The Diplomatic Network

The UK government itself has excellent ties with Prime Minister Modi’s people. From a diplomacy perspective, there are dozens of headquarters and offshoots in multiple cities. And, this permeates into the private business sphere, too. It’s called soft power and Britain has a lot of it in the subcontinent.

As a result, there is a range of places to choose from location-wise. Delhi and Mumbai stand out for obvious reasons, yet Chennai and Pune are getting very popular. Jaipur, the “Pink City,” is a vibrant and cultural place for a base with lots of opportunities for Britons.


It’s all well and good securing a job and a flat, but it means nothing without a permit. Unlike Thailand, Brits can’t arrive in India and obtain a visa on arrival. It costs money and it only lasts for up to six months. However, they aren’t hard to get hold of as long as you apply in plenty of time. The same can’t be said about the USA or Canada. Plus, there is the Aadhar card option too. You can learn how to apply for it here, but the gist is simple: residents and citizens use it as a form of ID. Once you have it, there is no reason to apply for a visa again.

They Speak English

In the intro, there was a small sentence about the language barrier. It’s not because they speak Hindi, though. Almost everyone does, but a large percentage speak English too because it’s a national language. It can get tricky when there are accents involved, which is where the barrier comes into play, but it isn’t like learning a new tongue. Expatriates don’t have to bother taking lessons; just get used to their version. As lazy as it sounds, it makes moving to a new country ten times easier as you can communicate.

Work/Life Balance

Everyone needs a balance between life and work. In India, the higher-ups get lots of leeway. Of course, you have to work and pull your weight, but there are flexi-time and the option to work from home also. Plus, there are hundreds of events going on across the country, from Holi to the IPL. For those that don’t think cricket is in the same league, wait until you land. The demand for cricket will blow your mind.

What’s stopping you from relocating to India?

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