So You’ve Finished Your Education, What Next?

School can seem like an endless amount of years spent working towards qualifications and degrees. It can often be a tough slog as you work hard during exams and getting in the element experience and time to create projects and submit them for approval. School gets harder as each year passes, especially if you move on to college and university.

However, once you have finished you may feel like you are at a crossroads. Not really sure of the next step or what to do next. I thought I would share with you some of the things that you could consider. I hope it gives you some inspiration and motivation to make the right decision for your next step.

Take a GAP Year and Travel

One of the first things to consider doing would be travelling and taking a GAP year in order to do it. So many people get to the end of the educational journey and feel that they need a break away from normality and routine, and backpacking and travelling can be the ideal way to do it. You could consider exploring different parts of the world or even taking the tie to stop off in different places and gain some valuable work experience.

Whatever you decide to do with your time, this experience can often change the way you see things and certainly give you some perspective on the world.

Use Some Time to Volunteer and Gain Work Experience

Maybe you are unsure what you want to do with the qualifications you have gained, or perhaps want to do some worthwhile work and gain valuable work experience, then volunteering could be the right direction to take. It gives you a chance to really work on your skills, do something you may not have ordinarily done. It could even give you the incentive and motivation to make a decision about what you want to do next in terms of your education and your career.

Whether you volunteer for a large company or spend your time doing charity work it could really help you learn on the job exactly what is needed to succeed.

Use Your Degree to Start Working

Maybe you want to get working, but perhaps you are not sure whether the industry in which you might have gained degrees and qualifications for is right for you. This doesn’t mean that your degree can not still be used for some good in terms of your career choice. Gaining a degree shows that you are capable of a certain workload, and so you can get graduate jobs based on that only. You can read more here about some of the opportunities available. It could help you learn a new job and take on a completely different opportunity.

Go Back to School

Perhaps you are not done with your educational journey just yet. You won’t be alone when it comes to feeling like this. Many people finish degrees, courses and gain relevance qualifications only to want to improve on them in some way or gain more knowledge. If you do have the chance to continue your education then why wouldn’t you? It gives you the chance to really understand where you want to be in terms of your career, or perhaps enable you to be specific with the area you work in or the actual job that you end up doing in the future.

Start Your Own Business

Getting to the end of your educational journey may have inspired you to take actions into your own hands and start your very own business. Maybe you want to sue the knowledge you have gained, or perhaps you have spotted a gap in the market that you want to capitalise on. Starting your own business could have been the ultimate ambition, but there never is a right time to take that plunge, so if you do feel motivated to do it, then why don’t you just start? Even spending your own time outside of a job can help you build a brand to eventually become your full-time option in the future.

Take a Job and Figure Out What You Want to do

Finally, some people just don’t know what they want to do with their lives, even after studying, so it might be worth taking a job in the industry you have trained in and experiencing life in work before making any drastic decisions about your next step. You may find that you seek out a job suitable for you, or perhaps settle doing something you have studied long and hard for.

I hope this gives you an idea about what options you have when you have finished your education.

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