How Finding a Career You Love Can Help You Save Money

Quick question; would it be better to have a career that you loved or one that you hated? Obviously, that’s a pretty dumb question. Everyone wants to be able to do something that they love when they go to work – or at the very least, something that they don’t hate. Sometimes we are willing to compromise for the money, but generally not by very much, or for very long.

The thing is, it’s actually possible that finding a career you love, rather than one you can tolerate, may help you to make and save more money in and of itself.

So, whether you’ve been holding off on getting your certificate of registration NSW and entering the real estate business, or have been reluctant to pull the trigger on your freelance aspirations because of financial concerns, read on.

Here’s how finding a career you love can help you save money.


By increasing the odds that you will be diligent at your job, and good at it, too


The people who do the best in their jobs are always those who are able to work hard, and consistently while being diligent and attentive to detail. Of course, it also helps if they have some natural talent for the work, too.

When you’re doing a job you love, the odds are high that you will give it the attention it deserves, and work as hard as you can, consistently. It’s also likely that you will be good at what you do, as well – because you probably wouldn’t love the work if you weren’t at least decent at it.


By making it more likely that you will be creative when considering ways to leverage your skills


Throughout life, we all have to consider a career change from time to time and to think of ways of leveraging and utilising the skill sets we’ve developed thus far, in order to move forward on the next big adventure.

When your job is something that you love, the odds are good that you will find inspiration a lot more easily, when figuring out ways to apply your skill set and “innovate” things.

For example – maybe you’re really fascinated with home design, and also want to try your hand at writing. How about creating a series of self-published books on the subject?


By reducing the need to find satisfaction and entertainment elsewhere


If you hate your job and have to force yourself down to the office every single day, in spite of finding it to be pure torture, you are inevitably going to spend more time and money outside of work, looking for the satisfaction, entertainment, and fulfilment you’re not getting at the office.

Often, this kind of low-level desperation can lead to recklessness and poor financial habits. Getting drunk every weekend at local bars, for example.

When you find your work genuinely satisfying and fulfilling, however, everything can be completely different – and you can save money simply because you’re not so driven to buy your way into happiness, outside of the 9-5 hours.

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