How To Deal With A Bullying Boss

Many of us have faced the frustration and indignity that comes with a bullying boss. With a position of power, they think they can get the better of us with their cold and unwelcoming behaviour. But what can we do about them?

As the employee, you do have options, and we aren’t talking about hiring a hitman to bump them off, or putting worms in their sandwiches to give them a bad case of the squits, no matter how tempting. For starters, these methods, while fun in our heads, will result in us going to jail or losing our jobs. Sorry if that ruined your plans!

There are better, and more legal ways, to deal with your boss. Assuming your boss is a bully to begin with – take the test at – and not just somebody who gets you to work overtime occasionally, or correctly tells you off for slacking at work, you should try the following.

Talk To Your Boss

If you feel able to talk to them about their behaviour, then do so. You may make them see reason, and chances are, they may not have realised their behaviour was affecting you negatively. If you can’t bear facing them alone, and if their behaviour is particularly intimidating, then take your union rep or another work colleague into your meeting with them. After a frank discussion, things may turn around.

Write Down Instances of Bullying

Before going into a meeting with them, or if taking further action (as we will explore below), you need to have a record of what has happened. Every time you feel bullied, note down the events that take place, and at what times the incidences happen. If you can get back-up from an eyewitness, then ask them to add to your notes with their comments. This way, you won’t forget anything, and you will have evidence to present to your boss, and those who ultimately deal with them.

Take the High Road

You could retaliate, shout obscenities, walk out of work, and yes, put worms in their sandwiches, but that could lead you into trouble. Don’t run the risk of losing your job because of your behaviour. In all instances, ensure you are blameless. This way, your boss won’t have a bad word to say about you when you do find ways to confront their behaviour.

Speak to Their Superiors

If talking one-to-one with your boss hasn’t helped, go to a higher authority. Talk to the people who manage them, and express your feelings about the bullying that has gone on. Hopefully, your bad boss will get a stern word or kick up the butt from their superiors and that might work in your favour. They might even get the sack!

Seek Legal Action

If your boss continues to make your life a misery, and/or they do something that truly crosses the line, such as within the realms of sexual harassment or physical violence, then you are in your rights to speak to a solicitor. You can find out more about employment law at If you really do have reason to challenge them legally, then this is a viable way of dealing with the issue, for your sake, and all other employees.


If there isn’t enough evidence or reason for legal action, or if you have just had enough, then get out of there. You could follow our advice at and start out with your own business, or take your skills to another firm. This is better than enduring one more second under that tyrannical despot’s regime in the workplace, as your mental health will no longer suffer because of their ruling.

Say no to bullying bosses! We hope our ideas helped, but if you have your own advice, perhaps from your experience of a bullying boss, let us know how you dealt with the situation, and what happened as a result. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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