How to deal with Procrastination and Get That Stuff Done

Many of us are guilty of catching the procrastination bug from time to time. We all have that thing that needs doing and that bill that needs paying that we never get around to. However, sometimes our procrastination can be debilitating to the extent that we continuously fail to get things done on time then it may be time to tackle the issue of procrastination once and for all so that you can get things done.

Work out the reason why you’re procrastinating

We’re all a little guilty of putting things off every so often. The internet can help us be focused on work one minute, and then looking at a guide to working in Ibiza the next when things get boring at the office.

But when it comes to putting off particular tasks, you should work out the reason why you’re doing it.

It could be that you’re badly organized or simply feel overwhelmed by the prospect of completing a particular task. However, it’s not just these people who struggle with procrastination. Some people worry about success more than they worry about failure as they worry that they’ll be given more responsibility and find it difficult to manage their time.

Perfectionists can often be procrastinators, avoiding doing a task in the fear of doing it wrong.

However, procrastination can also be caused by conditions that affect cognitive function. These can be ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, and stress. People who are extremely worried about their procrastination should seek medical help from a psychiatrist.

Strategize Your Anti-Procrastination

Procrastination is a deeply ingrained habit that can’t be easily broken overnight. Like smoking, one of the only ways to stop procrastinating is by using strategies that will help you break the habit.

Here are some ways to break the habit of procrastination:

  • Commit to getting things done – When you focus on ‘doing’ and not avoiding, you will be more proactive in getting your tasks done. Procrastinators will often busy themselves with other things such as cleaning, organizing, or watching something on TV. All of these things have their time and place, but allow yourself the time to do these things once your main task is completed. It’s not a ‘reward’ as such – it’s more giving yourself the opportunity to rearrange your day.
  • Ask people to check up on you – Peer pressure doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Groups tend to help people with things like alcoholism and slimming – the same thing can help you to stop procrastinating. Ask a patient person to check that you’re progressing with your task and that you’re not getting distracted.
  • Write lists – To-do lists are excellent ways to keep a check on yourself when it comes to getting things done. However, you should also tackle things as soon as they arise rather than saving them for tomorrow’s list. Focus on the most unpleasant tasks first so that the rest of your day feels like easy sailing. There is a great feeling about getting to check things off your to-do list so that you can enjoy your downtime once they’re all done.

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